Gluten-free · Menu Plan

Menu Plan


I am working more healthy meals back into our dinners. The past few weeks I have been making a lot of easy meals, so we could focus on school and get through our busy schedule outside the house, too. My gut isn’t too happy with me right now, unfortunately, so I know it is time to get back to more meals without breads and dairy. I am pulling from my paleo books and favorite paleo sites for some gluten-free and veggie-heavy lunches and dinners. My plan is to also juice again a few mornings a week. Hopefully my stomach will get back to normal, soon. πŸ˜‰


Sweet Potato Hash, fruit x 2

Eggs (Arthur and me), Cereal (kids)

Eggs (us), Waffles (kids)

Omelets x 2

Oatmeal with toppings (cinnamon, fruit, maple syrup)


Egg Salad

Smoothies, Air-popped popcorn, carrots and ranch

PB&J (kids), Tuna avocado lettuce wrap (me) x 2

Hummus and cheese pitas (kids), Large salad and hummus w/veggies (me)

Lunch drawers (kids), salad w/hard-boiled egg (me) x 2


Pulled Pork, Steamed broccoli, carrots and ranch

Chicken Barley Soup, salads

Chicken Parmesan orzo (mine will be without orzo and maybe just spooned over quinoa or brown rice)

DATE NIGHT!!! (kids will eat at grandparents)

Chipotle Chicken Wraps (lettuce wrap for me, bread wraps for the others), Veggies w/ranch, Applesauce

Citrus and Herb Chicken, Brown Rice, Green Beans

Pizza (others), Salad (me)


Apples with honey and cinnamon

Berry Shakes (dairy-free)

Banana Chocolate Shakes (dairy-free)

Homemade larabars

Raw brownie bites

Air-popped popcorn



4 thoughts on “Menu Plan

    1. Yes, I definitely find menu plans to be helpful. With 7 people to feed, I can’t just wing it. I am very planning oriented, though, so that’s probably why I need a menu plan. If I don’t plan, that’s when we spend money on ordering in foods or we choose poor food options. Planning a menu helps me remember what we have and I don’t feel rushed to the point of just grabbing whatever convenient foods I find. I know lots of people who can wing it each night and end up with a healthy meal…but my brain doesn’t work that way. πŸ™‚ It works better for me to plan it all out. Thanks for stopping by!

      1. Ok that sounds like me! Haha.. I often find things I forgot we had in the refrigerator…a bit too late. I think I’ll have to try this meal planning thing. Is your main priority when planning meals the overall nutrition taken in a day (or week) or making sure you use up everything?

      2. Well, I suppose my priority is both. I hate wasting foods, so I try to use things up. But, I also try to get a decent nutritional value with each meal. I will say, though, my kids had some dino-shaped chicken nuggets left over; seeing there were only 3 left, I couldn’t split between the five kids….so I chopped them and put them in my salad for lunch! Hahaha! Not quite a healthy version of chicken, but I didn’t have to throw them out. πŸ™‚ and it was a fun twist on my lunch salad! πŸ˜‰

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