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Look at that bookcase! I would LOVE to have that!

We love to read in our house. Every single day, you can find at least one of us snuggled up in a chair or bed reading. It was not always that way, though. My husband was never much of a reader, but as we are older and wiser (ha!) we are devouring all kinds of books about the Bible and Christianity. And now that he is in Bible school, we are the proud owners of a million books to aid his studies. 🙂

I have always liked to read. I remember when our family would take trips, all of us kids would bring a bag in the car of stuff to play with or do. My sister and I always brought a couple of books each to read; we were big readers. I also love word puzzles, but I don’t want to give away too much of my nerdiness.

My husband and I joked the other day that although minimalism has seeped into every area of our lives….it has not yet touched our collection of books. We have many, many shelves of books – homeschool books, Bible books, fiction, non-fiction, books from my mom’s house (you should see her collection of books!), and so on.

We just love books!

The past few months, I have really taken up this thing of reading several books at once. Most of the time they are all different genres or at least different topics. But, right now I am kind of in a lull with good books. I have decided that every year I will probably read through The Life-Giving Home by Sally Clarkson. I read it last year and have started it again – it goes through month-by-month how we can breathe life into our homes and families. Highly recommend it! It has a workbook, too, that helps make it all applicable in your own home. Love it! Last year, I also read Own Your Life….another by Sally Clarkson. Such good stuff about understanding our life in Christ and how to fully live in that. I just started that one again, too. Those books are just so full of great biblical wisdom, that I feel like I missed a lot and need to reread them.

For homeschooling moms, I definitely recommend Teaching From Rest by Sarah Mackenzie. It is a Bible-based book, but it is about being your best in teaching your children, while doing it from a state of rest. Another oldie but goodie is Better Late Than Early by Raymond and Dorothy Moore; it is a few decades old but such an encouragement for homeschooling families to follow your child’s developmental leads and not push information on them before they are ready to actually learn. I am not reading that one straight through right now, just kind of skipping around to the chapters that seemed applicable to us.

I was so blessed with great books to read last year, that I feel like I am out of ideas. This led me to start those three books again, while deciding what else to read.

My husband is lending me Mere Christianity (C.S. Lewis) book to read. That one is absolutely amazing, but it is so full of information that I can only read a chapter a day. There is an incredible amount of depth in each chapter that I feel it is one of those books you need to read, set it down, then let the words stew in your brain for a few hours to really break down and release the goodness. That C.S. Lewis was one incredibly gifted writer. This book is the “complete signature classics” of C.S. Lewis, and my husband is reading The Screwtape Letters (another meaty book) from it, so we are passing it back and forth each day. 🙂

Just yesterday, I added a bunch of books to my Amazon wishlist, but we agreed not to spend money on books right now….so they will sit on the wishlist for a while. 😉 But, I am headed to the library soon to see what others I might find!

Are you reading anything spectacular right now that you’d care to share?? It can be any genre! I am not a huge fiction fan these days; I don’t know why, it just doesn’t appeal to me right now. BUT, I am open to suggestions for some good fiction.


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