Recipe: Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches


I love easy dinners. Like, I would marry them if I could. It just makes for an easy evening when the meal is simple but still delicious. So, a while back I saw this recipe on A Farmhouse Full‘s blog (you should check out that family!) for Philly Cheesesteaks. Having never had an actual Philly Cheesesteak, I decided to wait on trying it out.

Fast forward to this past week, when I was desperate for simple but filling meals, and I remembered her recipe! So fast to whip up, and everyone here gave it two thumbs up!! The fast part comes from the fact that the meat is lunchmeat! Genius! Of course, it isn’t an original Cheesesteak, but it was still yummy.

Here’s our version:


  • pre-sliced roast beef lunchmeat (totally unhealthy I am sure, but I didn’t even care…it was delicious!)
  • Provolone cheese slices
  • deli rolls
  • green pepper, sliced
  • onion, sliced

I heated the pepper and onion in a little oil on the electric griddle (talk about easy! I didn’t even have to dirty up pans on the stove top), sauteing til they were tender but still crunchy. Once they were set, I added the lunch meat onto the griddle to warm it through. Because the boys and Dad don’t like big pieces of cooked peppers and onions, I split the meat in half and only mixed half with the peppers and onions. We opened up the deli rolls on a baking sheet, topped with some meat, and then placed an obnoxious amount of provolone cheese over the top of the bread openings. I broiled them for a few minutes to melt the cheese and toast the bread a bit (watch out! I burned the very edge of a few of the rolls. Still yummy.).

We had the sandwiches with some chips and applesauce. So fast – start to finish, the meal probably took me 15 minutes! And my only regret is not making more. Everyone wanted seconds, so there were none left for the following day’s lunch. We cried. 😉

Easy dinners are great in the midst of busy weeks! Have you tried Philly Cheesesteaks with lunchmeat before??



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