A New Year

Can you believe it?! 2017! I feel like last year flew by. We schooled through the entire year, which I think contributes to that “where did the year go?” feeling. While I enjoyed getting so much done with homeschool by going through the Summer, I think we will take this Summer off. I am working with a “more is less” attitude about things lately, and I am certain we would all enjoy the full Summer to play. ๐Ÿ™‚

My word for 2017 is consistency, as I posted about last time. So far, I have learned how much I really needed this word. Pretty crazy how one word sets off like a whole chain reaction in my heart. I knew I needed consistency in every area of my life. I embraced it. I prayed over it and was ready to incorporate it. And boy, has God really exposed how badly I needed it!

Right at Christmas, the kids and I all had a nasty cold. It was a really bad head cold that left us with extremely stuffy noses for about 4 days until they finally drained…then it was constant kid snot. Ugh. I considered having the girls work through a math unit, just to keep them busy and learning and keep things fresh in their minds. Then we all got sick, literally one after the other, starting the 23rd. We enjoyed Christmas with my in-laws, but by Monday almost all of us were showing symptoms of the lethargy and then stuffiness. I decided against forcing anyone to sit and do schoolwork while they felt yucky, but I started to worry we would all get cranky with each other (as we tend to do).

Monday morning during my quiet time, I was praying so sincerely for patience while I felt awful with this cold. I had already been working on adjusting my attitude with the “consistency” theme on my mind, and I didn’t want to ruin it right after Christmas…when I would be stuck inside all week sick and with sick kids. My husband had a very full week of work ahead of him, and I just knew I would be crying from disappointment with myself. After praying, I made a conscious effort to greet the kids as they came downstairs (like I had been doing several months ago and fell out of the habit), telling them good morning and “i love you and am so thankful for you.” I tell you what, that one act really changes me. I don’t know if the kids ever get as much out of it as I do, but it really affects me in a good way.

Being intentional with the kids Monday morning really set us up for a good week. We were still pretty miserable physically, but the kids and I enjoyed being together at home. The week was very busy and full, with Dad being gone long hours, but we got through without too much grouchiness.

Here we are, the second full week into the new year, and I am very aware when I am on edge and ready to yell over the tiniest things. Still working on stopping myself from the actual yelling (already failed this morning!), but I am so thankful to just be more aware of my emotions and reactions.

I really desire to get on here more often and share thoughts and ideas and things I am learning. I attempted a video for the blog last night…but after 8,398,721 attempts at 5 uninterrupted minutes, I quit. ๐Ÿ™‚ This is something I would love to do in the near future, but I probably should work on more planning for it and not attempting it at 4:30 PM when the kids are “hangry.” Blogging, for me, requires that I sit at the computer desk and use the desktop. We don’t have a laptop, so I can’t just type out thoughts at the kitchen counter and pause to stir something (maybe nobody does that; it’s just what I had pictured if I had a laptop to tote around). I am not quite there with dedicating time to sit here at the desk regularly and trust none of the kids will injure/maim themselves or someone else. If I could shoot a quick video on my phone, editing and posting later would be fairly simple (I assume….having never actually done it) and more doable.

Anyway, I am excited for 2017. I feel very prepared and ready and open to whatever God leads us to do. And I am so thankful for that peace and preparedness. My husband and I are in a good place with being up at 5:00AM, before the kids, so we can both have our devotions and do a little fun reading before the day’s craziness starts. I love being up with him, reading our Bibles, and having our much-needed coffee. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Happy New Year everyone! I look forward to sharing with you again soon!



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