Back to the Grind

We enjoyed a full week off of school last week. It was lazy and boring and absolutely the best idea we’ve had in a while! 😉

On the Friday before, we finished up a full 12 weeks of school – Term 1. It was a lot of work. With a week of vacation in there to the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter (both AMAZING places, by the way!), the kids worked really hard to accomplish all we I had planned.

Monday is the beginning of Term 2, and I feel like we have really found our “people” as far as curriculum goes. We use Ambleside Online; I may have already mentioned that a time or two. I just adore the richness of this curriculum. It is based on books – old, rich, heavy, books. The language in them is a challenge at times; no one today speaks like the authors, narrators and characters in these books. Sometimes we have to reread a paragraph an extra time to fully understand the message. BUT, it is worth it. My girls are picking up on the words and the language and have even begun using more mature words, which I definitely appreciate. (“Oh mom, you startled me!” Not every 9-year-old uses the word startled.) I am hoping they move completely away from the less-than-awesome books series they have become accustomed to from the library. No more Dork this or Dumb that. Those books, to me, have absolutely nothing for their young brains. I get that they are easy to read, and the girls can quickly finish them (they check out 3 or 4 of the books for a two-week period. I mean, come on! That right there shows how simple they are.). I just hope they realize (soon!) that the books don’t do anything for their imaginations and turn to some classics.

We still haven’t finished Old Yeller together. But, we are all enjoying it. The language in it is funny at times, but it really makes them think and use those brains God gave them! Not every little detail is spelled out – there’s room to imagine!

Ok, off my soapbox about books. I feel like I’m becoming a book snob….for the kids. HA!

For Term 2, I am excited for the content we will cover – everything from Greek mythology to Benjamin Franklin. We are working through the Answers in Genesis book, Answers for Kids, for our Bible curriculum. The kids are remembering quite a lot of the content. I even overheard one of my girls telling a neighbor girl about the “7 C’s of History”. 🙂 That girl does not believe in God, so I am not sure she understood what was being shared. BUT, it warmed my heart to know my girl was retaining the information!

Math is going great! Addy had me worried for a little while with her lack of interest in anything, but she surprised me the past couple weeks with how well she catches on to new concepts and is able to apply them. I feel like she matured a whole year in just a few weeks. I am considering skipping ahead in her math to get to some more challenging (for her) lessons, since she is in the first grade book but actually in second grade (according to her age). We’ll see, though; I don’t want to push it and lose her momentum.

We are adding in Plutarch this next Term, for Iris and Lily. I am a little nervous about that….mostly because I’ve never read ANYTHING of Plutarch’s. In fact, I hadn’t heard of him until a few months ago. So, we’ll see how that goes; I hear it can be a challenge because of the “ancient” language, but I’m willing to read and reread until we understand. Plus, how cool is it to say your 9 and 10 year olds are reading Plutarch?! 🙂

Also, for Term 2, we are adding in a full schedule/routine for Spanish and Piano. We found free online piano lessons through Hoffman Academy , which I am ecstatic about. I watched the first lesson, and it was great. I can definitely see that the girls will pick up on it and move along quickly. AND, it’s free and at home. You can’t beat that! For Spanish, we already have the computer cd’s; I just haven’t really pushed them to be habitual with the lessons. But, most of the kids have learned numbers 1-10, so it is time to do something more formal for them.

I am feeling good about starting Monday. The week off helped immensely with planning the next 12 week term and with giving us all a break from the routine; although, the break from the routine was slightly stressful when it came to chores. The kids took a break from everything!

Now, I am off to pick up some honey from a family we know. The girls are at a sleepover, so the boys and I are hanging out for a little bit just the 3 of us. Should be interesting! 🙂


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