Menu Plan

Menu Plan: October 31 – November 6

Holy cow! I cannot believe it is November. And we have been jacket-less for several afternoons. It feels amazing! From what I keep hearing, though, it means we’ll have an extra snowy winter. No complaints from me about that!! We haven’t had a decent snowy winter in a couple of years, so I think we are due. 🙂

This week, the kids are on a homeschool break; we finished up Term 1 (12 weeks) last Friday and have taken this week off. It feels amazing. 😉 My husband is also off from work this week, so we have been able to get some things done around the house and just relax…which is something we rarely do. It has been really nice during the days this week to not really have plans.

For our menu this week, I did a mix of different things. Not a lot of slow cooker meals, since we aren’t running around with school and plans. I was able to take my time and make dinner….something I actually enjoy a lot. I also planned several homemade items for snacks and “staples” we like to have, since I had the time to hang out in the kitchen during the day!


Ham, garlic mashed potatoes w/gravy, carrots


Egg and Sausage Casserole, applesauce

Crockpot Ziti, carrots, green beans

Shredded BBQ Pork sandwiches, salad, pineapple

Chicken tacos, homemade refried beans, rice, veggies and ranch

Broccoli Cheese Soup, homemade rolls, salad

Split Pea Soup, homemade biscuits, salad




Lunch drawers (I know, I haven’t posted on this yet, but it is coming.)



Baked Oatmeal

Cereal (homemade granola cereal)


Granola bars, energy balls

Homemade Items


Granola Bars

Honey Granola

Switchel (an apple cider vinegar drink we make…that I just learned has an actual name!)

Elderberry Syrup

Bread (I am in love with a new-to-me Amish sandwich bread recipe…mmmmm!)

I will share some of the recipes in future posts. The homemade nesquik was a huge hit! Super easy to make and store. And I am moving the kids away from so much juice in the mornings, so I am enticing them with chocolate milk using the homemade nesquik. 😉 Still sugary, but less harsh on the teeth than the acidic juice.

Happy Friday!


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