Menu Plan

Menu Plan: October 16-22

Only two days late getting this post up! I am doing better. Haha!

Continuing the slow cooker challenge with myself and making the majority of our dinners in the slow cooker this week. I want to try a slow cooker dessert as well, but we will see if my second slow cooker decides to work; it likes to turn on and then turn itself off at random times….don’t really want to use it with any meat but an egg-less dessert may work. We shall see…

Regardless, I found some new slow cooker recipes for dinners and am excited to try them!


Ham and Potato Soup (slow cooker)

Parmesan Chicken and Orzo (slow cooker)

Slow Cooker “Baked” Ziti

Brown Sugar Balsamic Pork (slow cooker)

Crockpot Lasagna


Scrambled Eggs, Toast





Cheese Tacos

Lunch Drawers (something new!)



Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins




Banana Bread


The “lunch drawers” are something I saw from a mom I follow on Instagram (A Farmhouse Full is her name, if you are on there and interested in checking her out!). Such a great idea for packing lunches if you kids go away to school, but also a great idea for homeschoolers that just want a break from formally making a lunch every day! My kids like it a lot, too; they think it is fun. I will have a post on it later this week, hopefully.



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