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May’s Adventures!

Well, well, well. Long time, no see. 🙂 SO much has happened in the last few weeks; blogging has really had to take the back seat.

My husband was in a car accident in early May. His car was  not repairable, and we had to deal with that whole issue of total loss and settlement. Thankfully, the insurance of the gal who hit him took care of everything and very kindly gave us a wonderful settlement. So, then we had to get him a new car. Again, thankfully, we found a really great deal and were able to put down more than 50% of the purchase price. We haven’t had a car loan in over 5 years, so we were hesitant to get into that again….but, since we were able to put quite a bit down, the monthly payment was not awful at all.

We got about two weeks out from that and our van (that I drive) started acting up. Braking sounds, shifting sounds, stalling when parked. No bueno. We had taken it in once right before the accident, but the car guy couldn’t hear anything and didn’t see anything wrong. So, we kept driving. Last week, as the kids and I were driving to go get some flowers for our front yard, the car stalled. Thankfully, I was able to pull off the busy road as it was slowing. I waited a few minutes, and it started back up again. I dropped it off on Wednesday at the car place and went two whole days without it! Stressful! The weather was beautiful, though, so the kids and I just played outside and had no appointments or anywhere to be.

God has really been so obvious in all the details of the crazy happenings last month. He has shown Himself in so many ways in each situation. My husband’s accident happened just up the street from our house. His destination was about an hour away, but the accident happened close to here. Our neighbors were just about to leave but were so gracious in cancelling their plans to help us out that night (picking up Arthur from the hospital, helping me with the kids, etc). Had they been gone already, I don’t know what we would’ve done. And if his accident had happened further away, that would have been even more scary and challenging.

The other driver’s insurance responded quickly and politely. I used to work in liability claims; I know the kinds of claims adjusters out there. 🙂 We were able to work with one who was on top of his company’s best practices and really hustled to get it settled. We had to pay out-of-pocket for a rental initially, but the timing worked out for my husband to take the van a few days to work and the rental was only needed for 2 days. We incurred ZERO costs after all was said and done!

Usually, I feel like we have a million appointments (doctor, dental, or others) or places to be. Both the week of his accident and the week of my van troubles, we had nowhere to be. Any other week, we would have been scrambling to find a car or a babysitter or help, but God’s timing is always perfect and He helped me see how He is always in control.

Honestly, I don’t think I will ever understand how people go through life without the Lord. There are no coincidences. There is NO WAY the universe aligns just so, in order to have all these things come together.

At our moms’ group at church, we revealed our Secret Sisters (we have a name for someone to pray for or give little gifts to…in secret, from September to May) and the gal praying for me ended up being the woman who mentors me in another program at church. She was given my name by the person in charge of the Secret Sister program….someone who had no idea that Karen and I were connected through another group. 🙂 Karen already knows a lot about me and was able to pray for specific things and situations; her little gifts were absolutely a blessing and perfect for the challenges we faced this past year. To say that her getting my name was a coincidence is just crazy. God knew how much I would need her, and He placed us together for a second time. She and I have really grown a lot closer and have such similar stories right now in life.

Life is not perfect because I believe and trust in God. Challenges still happens. Loss still happens. Financial struggles DEFINITELY still happen. 😉 Kids still misbehave (I have a little boy yelling “stupid” upstairs right now). Dinner still gets burned from time to time. I am still grouchy occasionally (yes, I am going to claim it is just occasionally) and fly off the handle with my kids.

BUT, here is what is different: I have God. I have the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE with me. He is in control – knows all, sees all, and is everywhere. He offers me a peace that I absolutely cannot explain and have never received from anything else in this life. He offers a promise that no one else can deliver. He offers a salvation that required so much on His part and so little on mine. He tells me that there is nothing I can personally do to earn His love and an eternity in Heaven with Him. HE handles it all. My only job is to believe and accept it.

I have had this discussion several times in the last month….

So, if I believe and trust in the Lord. If I live my life morally and according to the Bible – full of love, hope, and peace. If I enjoy life, with the hope for an eternity with my Savior. If I die and find out I was wrong….what have I lost? Absolutely nothing. I simply lived a great life full of love and peace and hope.

If you do not believe or trust in the Lord. If you are not filled with the love, hope and peace of God. If you then die and find out YOU were wrong…what have you lost? Absolutely everything. You missed out on the best life here on earth. AND you have lost the best life in eternity.

So, while the month of May might have been a struggle for us….it was definitely full of peace, knowing the Lord was in control. I worried so much less because I knew that regardless of how hard it got financially, He was in control. He is going to take care of us. Will it always look like I want it to? No. Will the timing always be what I expect/hope? No. Will it work out like I imagined? Not always. That doesn’t mean He is a mean God or that He can’t handle it. It means His plan is not the same as my plan, and that is totally ok. He sees the big picture, so I would rather go with His plan that my own. 🙂



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