Recipe: Toads in a Hole


Lily recently read the book Toads on Toasta cute book about a fox and toads. The fox tires of his normal meal of toads, and a mother toad is trying to save her baby toads from being eaten. She creates a ‘toads in the hole’ recipe that doesn’t include toads. The recipe is found at the end of the book, but I changed it a bit after failing with following their recipe. I had to toast our bread first, so the egg did not make the bread all soggy and then burn. Maybe it’s just me and my poor cooking skills, but toasting the bread first was the only way I could get this to work! It was a fun recipe and the kids liked seeing the end result. The egg cooked (with runny yolk) inside a piece of toast was just awesome to them! Next time, I think we’ll put some jelly on the little cut-out piece. 🙂

(Side note: ever since being pregnant with my second or third child, I cannot stomach eating a runny yolk. I have to break mine and cook it completely. I tried it with this recipe and it worked great! So, runny or cooked, the yolk works either way in this recipe.)

Toads in a Hole

1 piece of toast

cookie cutter (all I could find was my heart-shaped one real quick that morning!)

1 egg

two pinches Parmesan cheese

butter or lard or grease

  1. Cut out a hole/shape from the toast. Heat pan and melt a little butter or lard (we use saved bacon grease) on medium heat. Place toast on hot pan.
  2. Crack egg and carefully (like right over top the toast) pour out of shell into the toast hole. Add pinches of Parmesan cheese (if breaking your yolk, mixing the cheese into broken yolk is super yummy).
  3. Cook until egg sets well. Flip egg and toast over CAREFULLY to cook opposite side.
  4. Once cooked to your preference, Remove from pan onto plate. Serve with toast cut-out alongside. Yum!

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