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The last few days have gone by so quickly.

My in-laws were here Thursday night through Sunday, and we had so much going on. Thursday started my husband’s nine days of being off of work, which means lots of things will get done around the house. 😉

Friday we spent the day outside, pulling weeds in the garden and fire pit area. My husband spent the day taking apart the fire pit and redoing it because it was not level (and you know how men are about constructed things being just so). He did an awesome job! It was also our eleven year anniversary that day, so my in-laws stayed here with the sleeping kiddos that night and we snuck out for an hour for dessert and a drink downtown. It was nice enough to sit outside at the restaurant. It was perfect! We really enjoyed just hanging out alone for a bit; we never have a lack of conversation and we enjoy people watching, which makes for lots of laughs (not laughing AT people….well, ok, that is a lie. sometimes people just choose the funniest clothing options or do the goofiest things when they think no one’s looking!).

Saturday, my in-laws took the kids to the park at 9:00 in the morning, and I got to ride to the hardware store with my husband (reminds me of my parents and all their trips to the hardware store together on a Saturday morning….pretty sure they still do that!) at which time I remembered Buddy and I had a birthday party to go to at 11:00! Haha! So, the morning was cut short for Buddy and I, and we rushed to get his party-appropriate and over to the bounce house party. The girls went with my in-laws to the children’s museum, and Ethan had some alone time with Dad.

By Saturday night, EVERYONE was exhausted. Being outside for several days in a row (after being stuck inside with winter weather) made for some tired kids…and parents! But, we went to our friends’ house for a cookout Saturday night and enjoyed some quality time with great, Christian friends. The kids ran around til they could run no more, and totally crashed as soon as we got home!

Sunday, we spent the day at church, as usual. It was a great, relaxing day (except the running around to get in and out of the car and to church on time. ha!).

Yesterday, I had to report for jury duty. My FIRST time! I found out Friday that I would have to report for sure, and I had anxiety all weekend over it. It was our only week off with Dad, and here I thought I was going to get stuck on a case that would last all week. I prayed and prayed to get out of it, but I had to go. So then I was praying that God would just help me accept it. I realize it isn’t a huge matter, and it was totally unnecessary to be upset over it but I really just wanted to be home with my family while my husband was off.

I reported at 8:30AM and sat, even when they read the numbers for people to go into the courtroom I didn’t get to move. Just sat and sat. I got A LOT of reading done and a little crocheting, before the judge came in around 11:00 to say the defendant waived his right to a jury trial and we were all FREE TO GO! I was pumped. Got home before lunch and spent the rest of the day outside with the family!

We ended last night perfectly, by enjoying roasted hot dogs and s’mores out in the newly renovated fire pit. 🙂 It really was perfect. After the kids went to bed, Arthur and I got to sit out there some more talking and laughing. We do A LOT of laughing. 😉

I worried for nothing about jury duty. God totally answered my prayers about it, just in His time. And I should have just fully trusted Him with it from the beginning, but like I always do I carried it around myself for a while before just giving it to Him. One of these days I will learn!

So, here we are, I’ve got nothing scheduled for the blog this week. We have our week off from school. Dad is home. It is going great! And now, we are going to head to Chik-Fil-A for a free breakfast and to play in the play area. 🙂

Happy Tuesday!!


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