Menu Plan

No Menu Plan

Since I posted a late menu plan last week, I won’t post a new menu today. I will probably just have one set up for next Monday.

We are still working off the menu I posted on Wednesday. I don’t think I have recipes posted for any of the meals on that menu, so I do plan to share some recipes soon for those dishes.

AND, this week I will be sharing several new(er) recipes for homemade household items like cleaners and bath items. I am pumped about this! I tried (and tweaked) a few new recipes for things, and I am loving all of them! The homemade dish soap has been a bit challenging, but that is more of a convenience thing than an effectiveness thing. I can learn to live with it – I’m not that high maintenance. 😉

The next few months, I will be focusing on ways to reduce costs around the house – foods, household products, bath products, etc – in an effort to save up some extra cash for our big(ger) family to plan some fun activities. Sometimes just dinner out at a restaurant is a fun activity. 🙂

So, look for new recipes and ways to save some $$!


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