Changes in Lessons



Last week we started a new read-aloud book, Cheaper by the Dozen, because I saw it on a list for great read-aloud books, and I remembered thinking the movie was cute.

I picked it up at the library 2 weeks ago, thinking it was going to be a great fit for us. I suppose the first red flag should have been that I had to pick it up from the Adult section of the library – it was not found in the children’s section. I just figured because it was an older book and probably written in older, mature language that it was shelved in the “mom and dad” section, as I call it. šŸ˜‰

Well, much to my surprise, there were some words in the first chapter I was so not a fan of. The father in the book is said to not be much of a swearing guy, unless he is very angry. They describe a scenario where the dad gets really angry and he takes the Lord’s name in vain. I paused before reading it and talked about it with the kids, stressing that this is not language we would use but clearly this was a different time and these words were said when men were extremely angry. I guess I played that off well,…the kids all seemed to understand.

Then, last night, I was reading aloud before the kids went to bed. I got to a part in chapter three, where they tell of a time a child was left behind at a restaurant. The book describes this as a restaurant by day and something much different at night, and that by the time they were able to get back to the restaurant and the father went in to look for the son,…he was propositioned by a woman.

I stopped way short of reading that part out loud, glanced over at my husband who started laughing….and then I shut the book. “Ok, well, I guess we’ll just pick a different book to read as a group!”


So, we’ve decided to take a short break with reading aloud as a group until I can find a more suitable book for us. šŸ™‚ The kids were enjoying the little stories about the 12 children, but I just can’t get past two very obviously wrong scenarios in just the first 3 chapters!!

I think we will probably go with another of the Five Little Peppers’ books. We have read Five Little Peppers and How They Grew. I found one at our library called Five Little Peppers and Their Friends. That seems to be a pretty safe choice! No language, great morals. Then I don’t have to worry about explaining anything.

I just can’t get over the Cheaper by the Dozen book! I remember the movie (the 2003 version with Steve Martin) being very funny and not containing anything bad. Perhaps I should watch it again, though, to be sure it isn’t like the book!

So, that was our excitement for the week. All other school work is the same. Spelling test tomorrow. Iris and Lily have a verbal verse quiz as well. And, we finished history for this week, so next week we will study Benjamin Franklin for a full week (or two) and incorporate him into our science as well. My mom found this really neat experiment book having to do with things Ben Franklin invented! That will be fun – lots of hands-on items to cover two subjects at one time. My kind of schoolwork!!

The kids are having some “PE” time right now and playing hid and go seek in the dark, since it is so yucky outside. Sounds like things are getting a little crazy and argumentative…..just the usual group play time. šŸ˜‰



2 thoughts on “Changes in Lessons

  1. Wow. That would be a crazy situation for sure. One thing to think of though ( I am in no way telling you to read this book). As for my kids, they are so sheltered from some things, they have no idea what it is. My 8 year old has never experienced alcohol. They don’t know which words are bad because they have never heard them. Maybe sometimes a teaching opportunity is a good idea, as to low morals.

    1. Oh for sure! I am all for using it as a teaching lesson, and that is why we discussed the bad language. But when we got to the part of the lady asking if he was “looking for a naughty girl”, i figured it was time to draw the line. Haha! Maybe if my younger ones weren’t as young I would try to explain. But for now, we will have to set that book aside. šŸ™‚ thanks for the comment! I appreciate the input!!

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