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Finally Friday!

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I am so looking forward to this weekend. We have nothing planned for Saturday, but after quite a busy week again I am happy to have no official plans!

School was a bit all over the place – some days in the morning, some during naps, and one day with spelling lists and Bible verses flying while I was making dinner. I am so thankful for the flexibility, but it does make this need-to-have-a-schedule mom go a bit nuts! 😉

My mom and sister were here for the day Wednesday! It was so fun. The weather was a little crazy with the wind, so we were kind of stuck indoors BUT it was great conversation and, as always, lots of laughs. 🙂 And, the most amazing part (besides the convo, of course) was that my mom gave me a waffle maker!! Like, a regular one. Not the Belgian waffle one we own and I have started to hate. I am super excited to get lots of freezer waffles made and be able to fit them in our toaster at breakfast time! It’s the little things, people!

We started reading Cheaper By The Dozen in our group read, since we finished The Penderwicks. I mentioned to Iris that it was a movie as well and that when we finish the book we can watch the movie. Of course, her reply was “We could just watch the movie and not even read the book.” Well, yes we could…  Haha! She’s a smart one. Buuut, I will just stick to reading the book before we watch the movie.

Some interesting financial information came our way Wednesday evening. Not great, but definitely not the awful we were first informed of a few weeks ago. Praising the Lord for that! I am really working on contentment and making sure my goals and desires align with His…it’s so tough some days!! But, I am so thankful for how He provides (the waffle maker!!!) and how we never have to worry. This weekend will probably include some serious talk about financial plans and the future. Exciting and a little anxiety-inducing.

We have a play date this morning with a sweet friend and her children. Then, we are going to buckle down this afternoon and bang out a spelling test and verse quiz and some review of fractions and decimals! So exciting…I know you’re jealous. 😉

I enjoy this blog so much. I know my writing skills are lacking, but I really do use this site as a way to release some of my tension about school or housework or whatever. It also probably saves me from unimportant babbling with my husband when he walks in the door! I am assuming he is thankful for the blog, too, then. I have had so much conviction about sharing my faith lately – I am not one to just start up a conversation about Jesus with strangers. BUT, I have really felt the Lord leading me to be more bold. I am hoping to be able to use this blog as one of the ways to do that. God called us to be salt and light (Matthew 5:13-16), and I do not see how I do much of that outside of my immediate family….and there are days when that is lacking with the interactions I have with my kids! Yikes.

My husband and I have really grown spiritually in the last few months, and we are super excited for wherever God leads us. We discuss often how we can sense Satan’s attacks on our family’s emotions and mental states. We openly talk about how we desire to seek God in our daily walks. Do we always achieve the seeking? No. We are human and often fall to the temptations of distractions and discontentment and bickering with each other. But God is still doing a big work in us, and for that we are grateful. He really has done a miracle in my husband’s life, in my life, and a miracle in bringing us to where we are (seriously…just ask my family. I was so away from the Lord ten years ago, and my husband was not a Christian. And here we are, only by the grace of God!).

I just wanted to leave you with that encouragement this weekend. God can do anything. He can draw a lost child back to Him. He can lead us down seemingly dark roads just to show us His power. He can bring us into unthinkably tough times for the sole purpose of His glory. We may never understand God’s why, but one thing we can always know is that He is always there. He will “never leave you nor forsake you.” (Deuteronomy 31:6) That promise brings me so much comfort – even with uncertain finances, uncertain government, uncertain world events…He is never going to leave us. Sometimes we may think He has walked away or turned His back or left us. But, if we really think about it….it is US that has walked away, taken the problem into our own hands, or left Him. We get tough and think we can handle it ourselves. We assume we know what’s best, even when only HE can see the big picture. Our human nature brings us doubt and pride – a really bad combo for tough life situations. We have to remember to ignore our tendencies to take it all on ourselves and we need to completely dump it on Him. That’s what He wants! I Peter 5:7 says “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” Such a great reminder that He wants us to dump it on Him! He wants us to let it go and just trust Him with the details.




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