New School Term!

This week was the start of our Lent/Easter Term. Monday started smoothly, thankfully, due to the warm weather being used as bribery for getting things done. 😉 That’s how we roll here.

After failing to finish our missionary biography (the kids just weren’t finding it very interesting), I decided to take a break from reading a biography as a group. We will do a bit of biographical study of some of our history characters instead. Perhaps the older girls can read a biography on their own for a book report.

Here is a bit of our lineup for this six weeks:

Bible – I don’t have anything specific to do for this term. Since we’ll be doing Bible memorization and copywork, I figured that would be good. The girls and Buddy are also still working on AWANA verses for church, so they do cover quite a bit of Bible work. Maybe we can do more of a study next term.

Math – The older girls will be reviewing and doing more with fractions, decimals and percent. They will also be working on measurement topics more. They have covered both in the past, but I am working to get them to do more hands-on with the fractions/decimals/percent.

Spelling – one test a week. Addy has a separate list from Iris and Lily. I heard about Spelling City to use for practicing their words and doing vocabulary work with the words. Right now we are using the free version. There is a paid version, which obviously has a lot more (cooler) options, but I am not going to be spending any money on it for now.

Writing – I want to start cursive practice again with the older two girls. We have taken a long time off from it because they have slacked on their print, but I think we need to get back to it. They will work on book reports, copywork (Bible verses), and spelling lists for practice writing.

Memorization – U.S. Presidents will be covered this term.

Verse a Week – pretty self-explanatory; my plans include finishing up Psalm 100, Psalm 119:30, Proverbs 4:7 and Proverbs 4:20-21….we’ll see if we get all that done!

Word a Week – We will be using a word each week to find its meaning and practice using it. Our words this term are: showstopper, fortuitous, fulsome, factoid, and enormity. We will review the sixth week.

Biographies – Since I am not including these in the group reading time, the older girls will be reading on their own. Their choices will be Franz Schubert, Sir Walter Raleigh, Miles, Standish, John Smith and Henry Hudson

History – We are continuing on in our Exploring American History book with the early American settlements.

Group Read-Alouds – After we finish up the last few chapters of The Penderwicks, I do not know what we will read. I am undecided. (Any great group reading ideas are welcome!!)

Preschool Work – Buddy has started Hooked on Phonics and is doing great. We borrowed the curriculum from friends at church. I was not sure what program/curriculum to do with him; he enjoys school work, and he has been asking almost every day now to do his “kindergarten stuff.” He won’t be five until May, but he eagerly started Hooked on Phonics and really enjoys the rhythmic lessons on the cassettes. Since he has a need to be constantly moving, the way the gal on the cassettes reads and teaches really works for his movement. He rocks back and forth while practicing letters; it is pretty cute to watch. 🙂

And, of course, there will be lots of play time when the weather is nice!! I am hoping to get back out to the forest preserve this month and do more nature walks. I slacked off a bit last Fall, but now that Ethan will walk much more (and more steadily!) we should be able to enjoy it more often.

Yesterday, it was so nice when we woke up that the kids wanted to get outside right away. Since it was only 6:30AM, and I didn’t think my neighbors would appreciate screaming children outside that early, we made a rule that 7:00Am is the earliest they may go outside! Just one of those things you would never guess you’d have to make a rule about. Ha!

This is the day that the Lord has made;
    let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Psalm 118:24 ESV


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