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Homemade Hand Soap

I don’t have any pretty or fancy pictures of my hand soap. Sorry. That crappy picture of my soap bottle is all I got. 🙂

Almost a year ago, I noticed Lily’s eczema was suddenly sensitive to everything. EVERYTHING. Detergents, soaps, lotions, everything! We had to change quite a bit around our house, even though we were using pretty non-toxic items already. One of the things I had to change was our hand soap. We were using a brand that was non-toxic, and I really enjoyed the light scent and how it kept our hands hydrated. BUT, it was irritating Lily’s hands, and I realized that the scent in it was the cause.

I searched online for an easy and affordable way to make hand soap and stretch it, since we have a lot of people washing hands several times a day! I came across one that uses liquid castile soap, which we already kept on hand. I decided to try it, and here we are a year later…still using it!

I have changed it just slightly in the last year, depending on the season, to use scents that coordinated. But otherwise, it stays the same. And, after getting asked this week for the “recipe”, I realized I had never shared here!

So here it is:

Homemade Hand Soap (Foam Soap….so it goes farther!)

2 ounces liquid castile soap, any brand and scent (we use Dr. Bronner’s tea tree liquid castile soap, for the antibacterial qualities of the tea tree oil)

6 ounces water

Vitamin E oil, optional

3 drops essential oil, optional (we will use peppermint for winter, lavender for spring, lemon for summer, and clove for fall….or whatever I feel in the mood for when I am mixing it up!)

8 ounces foam soap bottle (glass is best, but i use plastic because that’s what I have)

  1. Combine soap and water in bottle, add in dropper of vitamin e oil and essential oil.
  2. Place bottle lid on and shake to combine.
  3. Use as you would any other hand soap.

A benefit of this particular type of soap is that when you 8-year-old squirts your (then) 2-year-old in the eyes, nose and mouth, while they are supposed to be washing hands, Poison Control will tell you to just flush his eyes and rinse his mouth and all is well. 🙂 Not that it has happened here or anything….

The vitamin e oil helps with keeping our hands soft, in addition to the castile soap, which is a combination of different oils. Vitamin E oil can be found at most stores that carry beauty products. We found ours at the local health store.

One of the great things about this soap is the cost-effectiveness. Using only 2 ounces at a time allows us to stretch the use of a bottle of the castile soap. And using a foam soap bottle really adds to the stretch!

This is the only soap that has not caused irritation for Lily’s hands. Unfortunately, even a lot of the ‘non-toxic’ hand soaps out there do contain irritants. 😦 So, if you are looking for a non-irritating soap, try this one!

Do you make your own hand soap? Care to share your recipe?!


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