lessons in love

March Scripture Writing


I have enjoyed two great months of daily Scripture writing/journaling. In January, I participated in a Scripture writing challenge and loved it. For February, someone from church shared daily readings about love in the Bible; after reading, the idea was to copy a verse or journal my thoughts about the verse(s).

I have not yet seen anyone sharing a great writing challenge for March, so I took it upon myself to search for one! I found this awesome Scripture Writing Plan from Sweet Blessings. There are ones for every month, I believe (if not found on that exact page, you can go back to Sweet Blessings’ home page and look around for the other months). I printed it out over the weekend, and the little bird pictures on it are adorable. I can’t wait to start using it today…March 1st!!!

For me, writing out the Bible verses I am reading really helps me to remember what I read. Call it old age or motherhood, but for some reason my reading comprehension is going downhill fast. I am easily distracted and have to reread the same line a few times! If I read first, then write as I read a second time, I definitely remember a whole lot more! If the number of verses to write each day seems overwhelming, they also have a short version with just one verse for each day.

I am still reading through the Bible in a year with my YouVersion app’s reading plan, but I do enjoy these types of Scripture writing plans as well.

Do you do daily Scripture writing plans? Which are your favorites??


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