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Finally Friday!

We are finishing up another goofy week. A fourth kiddo ended up sick late Monday night. This stomach bug is just so crazy – coming and going every 5-7 days with a different child. Only one kid left untouched! Praying he does not succumb, but if he does I hope it is short-lived like the other kids.

Next week, we have the week off from school! Could not be more excited! We pushed it pretty hard the past 4 weeks, so we have definitely earned some down time. Today’s school is just little bits from different subjects. The older girls took a Spelling test, did a little big of Grammar work (narrative paragraphs), and math facts review (multiplication). As a group, we’ll read our fun book, our missionary biography book, and we will review our brief science study on energy.

I heard about a really neat show on Netflix called Street Genius. The kids have been watching it quite a bit this week! The host explores different aspects of science and does cool experiments. We watched him explore potential and kinetic energy, and the girls seemed very interested. I found some free information and printouts on TeachersPayTeachers, and we studied it for a while yesterday. To help us remember the difference between potential and kinetic, we made a marshmallow catapult out of popsicle sticks. 🙂 I was very excited to engage all five kids in the experiment, and they could all tell me about energy by the time we were done! SCORE! A lot of the information we printed out said it was for high school level, but I read through it and found it was pretty easy to understand. I just skipped over all the formulas for energy and velocity and whatnot; we can address all those down the road, once the girls have done more difficult math equations. But, the definitions and the STEM activity of the catapult (which said 3rd-5th grade level) was easy to understand. Even Ethan, at 3 years old, was following.

Buddy has suddenly become interested (I am REALLY interested) in reading and writing. Iris took it upon herself to help him learn to form letters, and I started Hooked on Phonics with him. A friend from church so graciously allowed me to look through her Kindergarten level language arts curriculum (she had several different ones!), and I think the Hooked on Phonics will be great for Buddy. It isn’t the cassette version but rather than different readers and reading comprehension questions. I did the first lesson with him yesterday, and he picked up on it quickly.

My plans for next week are to prep for the following week’s school work. I have most of the info already in my Evernote app (LOVE using it!), so I just need to gather my materials and run to the library for things we don’t have yet. Arthur got called into work today, so I will have to take the kids with me…..I haven’t yet worked up the energy to do that! Ha! Such a challenge these days!!

And that is about it for us this week. It was a packed week of school, but we did miss a couple playdates/appointments because of illness. We did stay home more than I planned, but it worked out wonderfully to finish up schoolwork. God always knows best….and I can see how we needed to be home more than I had planned. Worked out perfect!

Sunday is Friend Day at church, so we are excited to see lots of visitors. And we are praying that those we invited will decide to come! That is about it for weekend plans…and I am totally fine with it!


“Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established”

Proverbs 16:3

How did your week go?? Any big plans for the weekend?!


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