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This week has been a bit of a whirlwind so far.

Monday I was just not feeling it. I wasn’t feeling ill, just off. Tired, bloated, blah. So, we went ahead and took Presidents’ Day off of school, even though I had not planned to. We just kind of bummed around and did some housework and played.

Yesterday, I crammed a bunch of school work into our morning. We finished our history lessons for this whole term…wahoo! We will just review our explorers for the next week before our break. Arthur came home early, and we headed out to a welcome home party for friends moving back to our state. The “party” was about an hour away, so it was a long night for the kids. They slept in this morning (one of the times I am so thankful to homeschool….they get the sleep they need after late nights), and we had a late start to our school day.

Of course, I did not get to scheduling posts for this week, and all my thoughts are scribbled in my notebook without any real structure. I am hoping to work on it for a bit tonight and get some things scheduled for the rest of the week.

I made the tortilla soup for dinner tonight. Such an easy dish and came together in less than 30 minutes! About to rush the girls over to their night at church and rush home to get the 3 younger ones dinner and in bed before heading back to pick up the older ones. ๐Ÿ™‚ Busy, busy! But, I do love it.

A verse I am thinking on today… Psalm 86:10 “For you are great and do wondrous things; you alone are God.”ย He definitely is great and He definitely does wondrous things! So thankful for that this week!!

How is your week going? Busy? Slow? A bit of both?!


3 thoughts on “BUSY!

  1. Nice post. We all have those off days (or weeks, or years!!!). Thank you for sharing your thoughts. My week is busy and it just gets busier from here until Sunday…wayhooo! I am bracing myself to make it through this rest of this week with school. Good job getting through you history. What a great accomplishment. Hope you week slows down a bit. May you have rest in Christ Jesus. Blessings.

    1. Thanks so much! I hope you have a smooth rest of the week. My youngest had a tummy upset this morning, so that kind of threw off our morning plans! AH! But, we will survive. ๐Ÿ™‚ I usually am the one to try and figure out where we pick up these germs, but I am learning to not care anymore and just go with it. I mean, with 5 kids…we pick up germs everywhere! I know you understand that, too. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks so much for commenting and for the blessing!

  2. Oh no! I hope everyone feels better soon. I know that is rough with a big family. I am like you with trying to figure out the source of germs. Sometimes I make myself crazy…lol. So I just have to learn to let it go. Stay well and rested. May your weekend be blessed.

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