What We Are Reading

I LOVE to read! I really do. If I can get a solid 30 minutes of leisure reading in, I am a happy girl. It rarely happens anymore; I am usually interrupted with a child needing to go potty or needing to break up a fight. 🙂

I like to read non-fiction. I just cannot get into a fiction book anymore; as a kid, all I would read was fiction and I loved it. Not so much anymore. Weird, I know!

Because I love to read, I want my kids to love to read. I have struggled so much with this, though. Iris likes to read, mostly just silly fiction books, but the deep love for reading just is not there yet. HOPEFULLY soon, though! Lily loves to read like Mama. She can totally zone out and get into whatever she is reading; most of the time she does not hear anyone talking to her while she is reading. Drives her brothers bananas! 😉

Addy does not like to read…at all. She is even at the point of not liking to listen to me read to the group. I do not fully understand it. She likes to play kitchen and take people’s food orders, write random notes to herself, and lots of other word formation…BUT half the time she is not even really writing an actual word! She just throws some letters on the page. It is a little disappointing for me. She will be seven in April, and she just has no desire to read on her own or learn how to correctly spell words. I keep reading to her, though, hoping one of the stories we find/pick will catch her interest, and she’ll want to read it on her own.

For now, though, we do a lot of reading aloud as a group. I do lots of different voices to keep it interesting, and I try to pick books that I know at least the girls will enjoy. Buddy will join in regardless, and he usually ends up really loving whatever book we pick (I like to think it is because of my cool voices). Ethan does not care at all about reading. He is mostly just there to be a distraction to everyone, until I put him on my lap. Haha! It is quite the disjointed reading group!

Right now we are reading a few different things. And I am reading a few things on my own.

As a group:

For history, we are reading through Exploring American History (from Christian Liberty Press). It is an older book and only goes through President Clinton. When we finish, I figured we would catch up to the current President and do some current events. We’re only on Columbus right now, so I am not worried about current events just yet.

Group Read-Aloud is The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall. I had seen this book as a suggestion on another mom’s blog, and it intrigued me. We are loving it so far! We are on chapter seven, and the little girls’ adventures are funny and interesting. The language is ok, though I do not like their use of moron, stupid, and idiot! BUT, the reason they are using the words do fit the choices the person has made, so we are going with it.

With the boys, I read whatever little books they have picked out from the library, usually about dinosaurs or trucks.

Addy and I are reading through the Horizons Kindergarten Readers. Yes, she is in first grade, but like I said above, she just does not want to read. So, I am pushing her little by little to engage.

For myself:

The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst – loving it, though I haven’t gotten too far. I want to underline a ton of things in it, but it is a library book so I won’t. 🙂 Great book, though!

The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace – it is a Bible study book, and I am going through it with two different groups of ladies. I really like it; it is so convicting and encouraging.

Humility by Andrew Murray – I have not actually started this yet, but it is next in line to crack open. Well, on the kindle, that is.

Desperate by Sarah Mae & Sally Clarkson – I started this and then my digital library loan ended. I am going to have to check it out again.

I may be reading too many things….that would explain why I cannot get through a book before the library loan ends!!

Iris, alone, is reading about Rosa Parks to do a book report. She chose the person; I offered $1.00 for a well-written report on the book. 😉

Lily, alone, is reading about Albert Einstein as well as about whomever invented the TV (the book is titled The Boy Who Invented the T.V.) for two reports and $2.00.

So, that’s what we’re up to with reading.

Anyone reading anything amazing that they’d like to share or recommend?! I am always up for new book suggestions!!



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