Hello New Year!

It doesn’t even feel like a new year around here. We coasted through Christmas fine, and then we got a crazy cold virus and passed it around. One girl with potential strep, a husband with a sinus infection, a little guy with a bad diaper rash and a yeast infection (gross, I know….AND he only wears diapers when he sleeps, so the diaper rash was quite perplexing), and several other congested and miserable people. 😦 It was a rough week of New Year’s Eve, then we were fine the day of NYE and the day after. January 2 started with more congestion and lethargy. I kept the kids home from church on Sunday and we just laid around for the whole weekend.

I was worried about Monday because I planned to start school back up! By Sunday evening, though, we were a little more energetic and had just moved into the post-nasal-drip-annoying-cough phase. Monday morning, I decided to go ahead with schoolwork. So glad we did! We started a unit study on cooking and baking. My girls were ecstatic. 🙂 (and I might have been pumped, too)

So far, we have learned about leaveners – yeast, baking soda and baking powder. We have discussed what they are, how they work, what environment they need to work. And, of course, we have been doing experiments!! We inflated a balloon using yeast and tested out different acidic liquids with baking soda to see which reacts the most. Later this week, we plan to do an exploding bag experiment as well. So cool!

Iris was given kid-friendly knives for Christmas, so she has been wanting to be in the kitchen with me more. The unit study, I think, goes right along with her desire to cook and bake.

To make it more than just fun kitchen experiments, we are:

  • Math – Learning Measurements – how to measure wet and dry ingredients; what is an ounce, cup, pint, quart, gallon, liter, and so on; how many TBSP fit in 1/4 cup (that was fun to do); alternative ways to measure (measuring ounces in a 1 cup measuring cup, using teaspoons when you don’t have a TBSP measuring spoon, etc.)
  • Spelling – words like experiment, yeast, fungi, temperature, measurement and other food-related words
  • Writing – the proper way to write a recipe, using complete sentences to describe the steps; copying Bible verses related to food
  • History – we will read about how early settlers cooked and baked, the differences between then and now, as well as how other countries cook and the differences
  • Science – learning about the ingredients, what they are, why they work, chemical reactions, how our body handles different foods and uses them
  • Bible – we have read different verses/passages about food or Bible stories involving food (Mary and Martha, for example) and how our attitude and heart toward the ‘job’ of cooking or preparing food is most important and not necessarily the end product on the plate (I Corinthians 10:31 – So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.)

That is all I have mapped out for now. If I come across other ways to incorporate it into specific subjects, I will do so. BUT, I think that is a pretty good amount of coverage!

Today, little Addy isn’t feeling well (still the lingering phlegm and a slight fever), so I didn’t have her do any work. She just relaxed on the couch next to the other girls and I discussing things.

Oh, and before I forget… is a great resource for little ones. I have Buddy on there learning letters and words and practicing patterns and numbers, while I teach the girls. He is loving it, and I love that it keeps him still for a solid ten minutes!

Now, I need to find a way to tie down occupy Ethan, so I do not have to get up every 5 minutes to see what he has gotten in to! Thankfully today it was just watering the entire bathroom and loft area. So grateful it was just water, but seriously!! He is definitely the baby. 🙂


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