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I Don’t Wear Deodorant

Yes, you read that correctly. I do not wear deodorant.

Now, I am not one of those weird patchouli-scented, hairy-legged, bra-less hippies. 🙂 I just found a way to be more natural in my personal care routine, and I am loving it! (I should also mention…I have not worn perfume in a long time either. My husband has environmental allergies, and several of my kids had eczema as babies. I had read to avoid perfumes for allergies and eczema, so I had stopped using it regularly several years ago, saving it for weddings or dinners or whatever. So, my only “scent” the past few years has been my deodorant.)

In August, I switched to an herbal deodorant, to avoid all forms of aluminum in my deodorant. (In case you hadn’t heard of the controversy surrounding aluminum, just search “aluminum in deodorant” and you will get every opinion out there on whether or not it is safe to use on the skin. I am not for or against aluminum, I am just always looking for ways to use natural products or those with very minimal ingredients.) I had read about our pits needing to detox when switching from a typical aluminum-containing deodorant to one that is without. Boy did I experience the detox! My pits smelled pretty strongly like body odor for about a full week. It was gross, I’ll admit it. After about a week, I really smelled so much better! I actually found I had no scent, other than the essential oils that were used in the herbal deodorant.

Then I was thinking about how to avoid the $5 herbal deodorant cost and still avoid the cheap, long ingredient list deodorants. And I read somewhere about a woman who makes her own deodorant sticks. I didn’t have the energy to purchase the deodorant containers and melt all the ingredients (and by “all” I mean like 4 ingredients! Haha! I am lazy.) and then let it sit to harden. I wanted something quick! So, I used the homemade whipped coconut lotion I had and applied that as my deodorant one day. I was already using that lotion for my body, so I didn’t have any extra work to make it. Score!!

Result: I smelled like lavender for most of the day! And not once did I get a hint of B.O. It was really nice. 🙂 Although, that first day or two I wasn’t doing anything to produce sweat, so I figured I should test it out a little longer to see how well my body used it while I sweat. I tested it out while cleaning my bathtub, and I was very impressed. Of course, I did still sweat while cleaning, but I hadn’t used an antiperspirant in a long time so this was nothing new. BUT, what I noticed was that I didn’t stink. The sweat didn’t really smell like anything except coconut oil. And, I also noticed I did not have any issues with razor burn or rash after shaving my armpits. The coconut oil seemed to help with that as well! Bonus!

That was three months ago, and I am still just using the lavender coconut oil lotion as my deodorant. It still works great, and I have noticed that I only really have a stinky smell for two reasons:

  1. When it is “that time of the month”, which I totally understand because of all the changes our bodies are going through in a week. So, I just reapply the lotion throughout the day so my pits stay fresh smelling.
  2. When I stray from eating well. I have noticed on a few occasions, after eating processed foods more often than we normally do, that I kinda stink when I sweat. So, it is more encouragement to keep eating well…and NOT stink. 🙂

I whip up the coconut lavender lotion and it makes about 6-8 ounces. I only use a small dab of it in each pit, so the lotion lasts me a LONG time. I just made up my second batch on Saturday….my first batch has lasted since September! It is definitely more cost-effective to go this route then pay $5 for the herbal deodorant that lasts a few weeks.

And, of course, the best thing is that I am using just two ingredients and not a bunch of things I don’t know about and don’t feel like researching to see if anyone knows of their safety. I don’t like to be all conspiracy theory-ish but really, we can’t trust anyone these days. The committees that oversee safety of foods, drugs, healthcare, beauty products, and pretty much everything else are all people from the big corporations or they are PAID by the people from the big corporations. Rather than debate about what is safe and not safe, I’ll just stick to my coconut oil and lavender essential oil and avoid all the questionable ingredients.

If you’re interested in joining my NO-DEO revolution, here is the recipe for the whipped coconut lotion:

1/2 to 1 cup coconut oil

Lavender essential oil (or whatever oil you prefer to be scented as and is safe to use on the skin – please note, I have not used any other oils for this recipe, so I cannot confirm which are safe for the armpit area except for lavender.)

Whip it constantly for about 7 minutes until it is shiny and smooth and fluffy. 🙂 Add 3-5 drops of lavender essential oil and stir it in well. Store in a glass container and use within 5 months.

It also makes a wonderful gift to give away, as it can be used as a body lotion too! If you are acne-prone, I would avoid using it on areas that tend to break out (for me, I cannot use it on my face, chest or back), as coconut oil CAN be a pore-blocker for those of us that struggle with acne. :/

Anyone else deo-free?! What are using to keep your pits fresh?? 🙂 Please feel free to share!



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