Day 18 – Ending Eczema

Well, I do not think the issue is gluten. Lily had pizza over the weekend, and her eczema did not seem bothered by it one bit. After focusing on avoiding gluten for over 2 weeks, the eczema did not react at all to it.

I am kind of lost on where to go. I received encouragement from a neighbor, who is a nurse, to seek out a pediatric dermatologist for some more options. (She also gave me a mixture of essential oils and jojoba oil to use on her skin during the day. I just put it on her; hoping it works! Combo of tea tree, lavender, and frankincense with the jojoba oil. It smells great. And she suggested getting an over-the-counter anti-itch cream, which I plan to look into on grocery day this week.) When she goes for her checkup, I will see about a referral to a dermatologist.

We started using the steroid cream again. Just once a day, at night, to try to help it heal while she sleeps. She still uses shea butter during the day. And she still wakes up at night, which adds to the night scratching. I showed her how to fake scratch the areas – leaving her fingers flat on the area while rubbing. Kind of feels like you are scratching but without using her nails and doesn’t break the skin. I know it isn’t the best idea because it still rubs and irritates the delicate skin, but when she is in tears I struggle to tell her to “suck it up”. 😦

So, we are at a stand-still for now. Going to keep eating well – lots of fresh, raw foods; everything homemade; avoid artificial sugars, dyes, and food-like ingredients. I will keep updating, as we see new things or find out more info from the doctor or dermatologist.


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