lessons in love

Summer Time!




Here a few fun facts about our Summer:

1. The girls are in a tumbling class (last class is today – praise the Lord! I mean, I love their involvement in the class, but two classes on Wednesdays was getting a little crazy). Buddy is in a t-ball class. The kids have all learned so much from their classes, and I am happy we were able to get all the girls in the same class.

2. After not being able to go on a trip we had planned for last week, we were all pretty bummed. BUT, the week off from work gave Arthur some time to build something he has been wanting to build for quite some time – a FIRE PIT! We have had it for 8 days now, and we have spent 5 nights out there. 🙂 We love it! He did an amazing job on a small budget, even utilizing the rocks we collected a few years ago from the empty lots across the street. Free decoration! We feel like we are camping when we are out at the fire pit. It is great!

3. My brother is getting married in a few days!!! My brother, Jake, is marrying a very lovely girl on Saturday. We are all so excited and happy for him and Aunt Holly. Addy is mostly just excited to ride in a limo; she asked if it would have a pool and tv and all the things the Barbie limo had in it, from an episode she saw on Netflix. HAHA! I told her “maybe”. I know, that was mean. 🙂

4. My husband is off again all of next week…to help with VBS at church. 🙂 Last year, I wasn’t able to help with VBS, and he promised me he would take off the whole week for this year’s VBS so we can both help. And we are! I am excited to help the leader in the craft station, and he will help the church maintenance guy (who also happens to be one of his good friends, so that will be fun) with all the cleaning/garbage/traffic-directing or whatever else needs to be helped with. I am super excited we will all be at church together all week to serve!

5. I have eased up on our very strict eating “rules.” We are not eating as much organic (eek!) right now. The funds are just not there, and we have to be very cautious about money for a bit. So, I have been buying a lot of fresh foods, still, but they have not been organic unless the prices were really great. This has allowed us to buy MORE things (and we have a lot of big eaters here, so that has been wonderful for the very-hungry-because-we-played-outside-all-day kiddos as well as the marathon running hubs), and I have not stressed as much about grocery lists. I still spend serious time planning out meals, and I try to make even more from scratch since we aren’t able to get all the organics we would like. I have also not been able to buy raw milk. Kinda stinks, but it is what it is for now. Not gonna make us go broke just to get a gallon of milk. Ya know?

6. (not a FUN fact, but still a summer one) Lily’s eczema flared up in an unusual spot – the outer thigh on both legs. I think the pool water has had a lot to do with it…and probably some of our diet changes as well. Then the other day she had a crazy reaction on her neck to something, and I am not sure what it was. She said the natural bug repellent burned when we sprayed it on, so I think the allergic rash was already there and the repellent made it worse. I don’t know if it is the milk we’re drinking or an ingredient in something or what. But, we’ve got medicated cream for the raw patches on her legs, and we putting hydrocortizone on her neck. Poor girl’s skin even reacted to a bandage I had put on her thighs last week. She is so sensitive to topical things. 😦 But she is a trooper, and I am praying the skin heals quickly!

7. God has been so good to us. We have not had a need for anything financially. A lot has happened in the last couple of months, and we are in a place we had hoped we would not have to visit, financially, but we are so grateful for God bringing us into it. He has really shown us needs versus wants, and He has continued to provide all we need. I am so grateful for this trying time because my husband has been so vocal about trusting God and he has really been an awesome spiritual leader, even more than he normally is. He is constantly reminding the kids and me about God’s goodness and faithfulness. I am thankful for what God is teaching him and for how receptive he has been. I have learned a lot just from watching my husband….and I’ve been pretty convicted about my own reactions to situations. Arthur reminds me over and over, daily, that God is good….regardless of how we feel about a situation or how others have reacted about things. God is good. 🙂 And Arthur texts that phrase to me often.

Cannot wait for the second half of Summer! It has been awesome so far!



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