Menu Plan

Menu Plan – June 1 – 14

What a month May was! So many activities came up, last-minute, that I felt like my head was spinning most days. I planned for meals, but several times those plans were messed up due to unforeseen things. But we made it through! And Summer is pretty much here!

Here is my menu plan for the first two weeks of June. So far, we have only changed one dinner meal….because Chik-Fil-A offered a free dinner this past Thursday, and we just couldn’t resist a free meal! šŸ™‚ Ok, we paid for fries and drinks, but we still paid only $10 to fully feed all seven of us!


Eggs x 3

Cereal x 4

Waffles x 3

Toast and Fruit x 2

BagelsĀ and/or English Muffins x 1

Coffee Cake x 1


Leftovers x 6

PB&J x 4

SnackĀ Lunch (pb crackers, fruit, cheese, yogurt) x 4


Baked Ziti (meatless), green beans, corn

Homemade Hawaiian Pizza

Fettuccine with peas and ham, carrots

Pasta with broccoli and chicken, Veggies and ranch

Sloppy Chicken Joes over Rice, Salad

Honey Lime Chicken, Potatoes, Carrots

Mexican Style Rice and Cheese (meatless), beans, carrots and cucumbers

Broccoli-Topped Potatoes (meatless), veggies and ranch

Dominican Rice and Beans (meatless), salad

Bean and beef tacos, Corn

Bacon Risotto, bread, Salad

Pizza x 2

Beef and Rice Casserole, salad

I think menu plans will help us get through a busy Summer. My plan, right now, is to keep up the two-week plan since things seem to change often around here…that way I don’t feel overwhelmed with rearranging a whole month’s worth of menu plans!

Is anyone else menu planning for the Summer?? šŸ™‚



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