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Still Here…Mostly :)


It takes me a while to learn lessons.

Honestly. I can go through the same difficulty or failure a hundred times before the little light bulb clicks on. πŸ™‚ I suppose that is why I am unbelievably thankful for God’s grace! He just waits patiently for me to get it, so we can move on.

I had MY big plans for this past week to post info every day for Asbestos Awareness Week. I loved everything I read about the facts on asbestos and mesothelioma and getting the word out about its existence. I had it set to post April 1st through 7th some helpful information each day.

Didn’t happen except for one day.

I had big plans to spray our basement with peppermint oil, since all the spiders are appearing in the warmer weather now….and I absolutely HATE spiders.

Didn’t happen…yet.

I had every intention to lesson plan two weeks of schoolwork, so we could smoothly start each day without having to sift through my papers and info on lessons.

No such luck. We are winging it each day, fitting in lesson here and there. Didn’t even get to our group reading time until 7:15pm last night! Normally, group time happens before 10AM.

Me, me, me. I, I, I. See the theme here??

Ethan woke up this morning lethargic…in almost a scary way. Arthur and I just sat and stared at him because it was so creepy. He didn’t want to move his arms or legs, or even hold his head up. I set him in his chair for breakfast, and he started dozing off. Gave him some ice water, he drank it and then threw it up. We gave him a little activated charcoal. Then I held him for a while, he fell asleep while I changed his diaper and slept there on the floor for some time. He snuggled on me and slept until about 9:30, when he just sat straight up as if he was just waking up for the day. Totally alert, hungry, and thirsty. He started chattering about the preschool dvd that was on, as if the past three hours didn’t even happen. So strange! He is acting totally fine now, looking at school flashcards here next to me, still yapping about whatever comes to mind. πŸ™‚

My plans for this morning were to make oatmeal, start schoolwork after Dad left, and work on updating and taking inventory of our emergency bags we keep in the basement. (Potential for severe weather tomorrow night….this, of course, makes me want to prep big time. LOL) None of that has happened yet. Just kinda watching Ethan and letting the bigger kids play. They did their reading and an educational computer game, but no group time or math yet.

I feel disorganized lately. Lots of plans. Little execution. I haven’t been using my daily checklist the past few weeks, so I am certain that is a huge reason I am not on track. I will be printing those out today, so I can get back in the habit of daily household tasks to keep up with cleaning and whatnot. I am sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I use The Confident Mom’s printable planner.

Another thing that most definitely added to the chaos is NOT having my quiet time in the morning. I fooled myself into thinking I could do it just any time of the day. BUT, I have found I absolutely must schedule a time to do it in the early morning. Even if it isn’t done before everyone gets up or as the first thing I do…I still need to get it in before we start school. My mind is much more at ease after reading my Bible and writing in my prayer journal.

Lots on my mind for our family and other families we know. LOTS to write in my prayer journal. I feel relieved after prayer time and writing it down, just giving it all to the Lord. I cannot carry it myself, and keeping it all in just ruins the day for all of us.

I will get back to regular posts. Whether or not they follow my “regular” pattern, who knows. Going to try to go with the flow with regard to the blog. Some exciting opportunities coming up, actually, with this blog. Praying that is the right time and that my priorities stay in line. Could be really great or really detrimental. I want to be sure I have bathed it in prayer before I decide. THAT is something I finally am learning…bathe everything in prayer. Obviously, I can control nothing…except my decision to pray over it or not!

Have a great week! Hoping to post again tomorrow, but we shall see! πŸ™‚



2 thoughts on “Still Here…Mostly :)

  1. Just reading this and I can totally identify! Felt like I was reading some of my own thoughts actually. Thank you for being so honest and open, and it’s so true what you said about “bathing everything in prayer”…May God guide you in the next steps ahead and help you to make order out of the chaos that life sometimes brings πŸ™‚

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