Menu Plan

Monthly Menu Plan: April

This warm weather has me distracted. 🙂 It took me three days to create this menu plan because we were drawn to be outside while it was warm each day!

But it is done! And I am pleased with what we came up with. I went easy on breakfasts, and I didn’t include anything that required too much prep work. Figured I would go easy on myself this month, since it will be warming up more. We will want to be outside more, and I would rather be out there and not in the kitchen working on breakfast for the next day.

The one thing I did different this month is I assigned meals to each day of the month. Last time, I just made a list of the meals I had and we checked off each one we used. I found that I kept pushing off meals that required more work, which then gave me several meals with prep work the last week. This time, I pulled out our family calendar/planner and noted which days and evenings we had appointments or church activities or would be away from home. I factored in my husband’s days off, so I could put easier meals on those days as we usually spend time outside or all together and don’t want to be in the kitchen a lot. I think scheduling meals on certain days this month will be better. Plus, I planned out the doubled meals better, spacing them out about two weeks, so we don’t have the same meal a few days apart. 🙂

So here is what I came up with:

April 2015 Menu Plan

Is anyone else planning a month at a time? Any tips for NOT taking three days to plan it all out??? 🙂


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