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Our Special Valentine’s Day

IMG_2576[1]So, we never really do much for Valentine’s Day. My husband is almost always working on that day; in fact, I cannot remember a Valentine’s Day that he was home all day. This year was going to be like every other year – help the kids make Valentines for Dad and make a heart-shaped food item (usually pancakes or brownies).

Let me back it up a bit here to explain a little before I get to our Valentine’s Day…

I am a part of the Titus 2 women’s group at my church. We younger moms are paired with older moms (mostly those with older kids, who are out of the house or in college or married). We meet with our mom mentor every other week, chat by phone during the other weeks, and we meet as a large group once a month. This past Tuesday was our February group meeting. My mentor was ill, so I attended without her. They put us at tables of 8 ladies to go through the group discussions with, in between watching segments of a video series to go along with a women’s Bible study book. The lady who heads up this ministry puts together a couples pages of “homework” for us to do: Bible verses to read and questions to think about and answer regarding those verses and our marriages, activities to do, and things to really make us think about how we can improve our marriages (February is the month we are focusing on our husbands; March will be something else and so on). Well, the homework we received Tuesday was about praying to find a way to do something really special for our husbands for Valentine’s Day – something THEY would really find special.

Ok, so with five kids it is REALLY hard to get away. On Valentine’s Day. Or any day, really. 🙂 I was praying all week about how in the world I could do something special for Arthur, without it costing $$ and without having to leave the house, since he would be working all day and just want to be home at night. On Friday, it came to me: I could make a really special dinner and evening for him here…with the kids. Seemed so simple, yet I hadn’t ever considered it. He was off all week, so I wasn’t able to really do much searching online for anything. It worked out perfectly (divinely, you might say) that the thought/idea came to me on Friday…otherwise, I might have blabbered about it and not been able to make it a surprise.

Saturday, he went back to work. I was able to get my exercising in and some housework and then we began working on our special evening.

We made homemade strawberry syrup to accompany heart-shaped pancakes, homemade strawberry lemonade, heart-shaped brownies, bacon hearts, and fruit hearts. No, not really a healthy meal with all those sugary items. 🙂 BUT, it was the most effort the kids and I have ever put into Valentine’s Day. Ha! (and having a boy who is very much affected by Red #40, we had to go as homemade as possible with red or pink foods – using strawberries for color, in order to NOT have dinner become a disaster due to his behavior!)


We inherited a bunch of toule from friends who were moving and clearing out their craft closet. The girls and I decorated our dinner table and chairs with toule, candles, and fake rose petals. We even hung the toule on the light fixture, over the vertical blinds, and on the closet doors where Dad comes in from the garage. We pulled out the fancy glass glasses for our lemonade, too.


When we knew Arthur was on his way, we lit the candles and hid, so he could walk into the fancy dinner. Oh, and I forgot to mention – the kids and I dressed up in fancy clothes to pretend we were really at a fancy restaurant!


Everything turned out perfect, except that he got out of work a little late and the food was cold. 🙂 BUT, everyone had a nice time. The kids were so excited to be fancy. Arthur was very surprised, and I LOVED being able to make him feel special without him having to stress about going somewhere or paying for something. It was awesome. So awesome, that the kids asked if we could do that again the next day. haha!


Valentine’s Day 2015 was awesome here! I really enjoyed the work the kids and I put into it and would love to do it more often for special occasions. 🙂

Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day!! Did you do anything special with your loved ones?? Please feel free to share!


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