Menu Plan

Monday Morning Madness

It is Monday!! My husband is off this week, but he had to go in briefly today for about a half day. School should have started, but I am still sitting here in my pj’s, while the boys watch a preschool dvd about Colors. Iris is moping about that she is bored, Lily is reading (no surprise there), and Addy is trying to pester the boys. A typical Monday morning you might say. I am two seconds away from giving Iris a big list of chores (hers and other people’s!) so she can stop whining she is bored!

We had a fabulous weekend with my brother and his family….a family sleepover, if you will. 🙂 The kids were exhausted when we left to come home, and they were all asleep before we got to the expressway. My kind of weekend!

Our menu plan is working out well. I only veered from the plan once to make fancy three-cheese grilled cheeses, after watching the movie The Chef. They were delicious! Now, we are back on the Plan and will finish out the week.

Happy Monday everyone!!



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