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Bake It Tuesday

Since we are inside most of the week (snow and cold combos aren’t really my thing), I decided to do a little prep each day, for baking and cooking, to make it seem like a little less work. Yesterday, I cooked two whole chickens in a crockpot. This makes meals easier because once they are cooked I take the meat off the bones then divide up the amounts I need for the meals this week and store it in the fridge in containers. Any chicken for next week’s meals will go in the freezer. So much less work at dinner time then!

Today, I am going to make granola bars. I love the baked granola bars, but we are also loving the no-bake bars. So, I will make both!

I will also go ahead and bake muffins for tomorrow’s breakfast. This makes it so much easier to get breakfast on the table quickly (because I am NOT a morning person). I love the idea of getting up early and making breakfast for my family and us all sitting down together to eat…and we usually do this, but  my attitude also usually STINKS in the morning. Having the muffins made already still lets up each a homemade breakfast, but it also helps me get that crankiness in check since I won’t have to do the actual baking early in the morning. 🙂

Is anyone else baking this week?? Anyone doing prep work ahead of time for meals?? Please feel free to share!!


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