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It’s Wednesday?!?!

I told myself on Sunday to post every day this week, so I would get back in the habit. Obviously I did great with that! 🙂

Last week with Ethan’s ear infection, I really got backed up with housework. Got all caught up on Friday, so we could have a good weekend with Arthur off work. Saturday, my in-laws babysat the kids, while Arthur and I had a day-date with a very quick lunch and a movie. It was only about 3 hours, but it was much-needed!! Our last time out without the kids for more than 10 minutes was when I was pregnant with Ethan…so it was long overdue.

Saturday evening we had dinner with a family down the street. It was a lot of fun and our first time just our families hanging out without the whole block of families. Later that night I got sick from the burrito I had at lunch on our date (from my favorite Mexican restaurant, I was so sad). So, the toilet was my friend for a little while. 😦 Boo. I haven’t thrown up in over two years; it was awful.

Sunday morning did not turn out as planned, as we did not make it to church because of my late-night bathroom run. We relaxed all day and then had AWANA in the evening. (I felt so much better by mid-morning, thankfully!!) In the afternoon on Sunday is when I thought “I should be sure I post every day this week, so I can make it a habit.” And then I woke up Monday tired and kept putting it off.

Ethan slept well…almost too well. I noticed his runny nose was back, but he was acting fine. We did our school work and then kids played a lot. Tuesday, we had a playdate with friends from church (that was rescheduled previously due to Ethan being sick), and I saw his nose was pretty runny. Ugh! It is NEVER ending with this kid. I feel bad because he literally picks up every single virus he comes near. And it is all respiratory for him. 😦

Today, he had a super runny nose and now a phlegmy cough. After naps this afternoon, he had a fever. I chatted with our very friendly nurse, who knows us a little too well because we are always at the office for a checkup or a sick visit! She said to just watch the fever, as the antibiotics are still in his system from last week so that same virus should be gone. BUT, he may have picked up a new one. Love the church nursery. Honestly, I really do. But babies are gross with their spit and snot. Since Ethan is two years old now, I was informed he can move up to the 2 year old class! I may try that…not that two year olds are much more hygienic.

So, here it is Wednesday and after all the school, baking, wiping Ethan’s nose, cuddling with him, feeding him vitamins and fruits and veggies and probiotics and everything else under the sun…I missed all the posting I had planned. AND, Arthur tells me I can just do grocery shopping tomorrow (instead of Friday, which was my planned day to go)….so I still have to rush and get my list and menu plan done.

The struggle is real, people! There is not enough time for all the things I’d like to get done. Obviously, blogging is one of the way-down-on-the-list priorities, and it often gets bumped right off the list. Five kids are a tough group to keep alive! 🙂 Kidding. I can keep them alive….I just can’t keep them all healthy at the same time, it seems. Is it Summer yet!?!?

And now, I must gather the four younger kids to get coats, hats and shoes on to pick up Iris from her AWANA program at church (Wednesdays are her night at church). Arthur is working until 9PM, so he won’t be home until 10! Kids are usually in bed by now….or at least in jammies and brushing teeth. We’ll see how the next hour goes.

I am praying Ethan has a restful night and does NOT get another ear infection. Praying that his fever stays down (he took ibuprofen, so it is down for now). Praying my grocery list gets done! And I am praying that a breakfast miracle happens tomorrow because I am tired and I know I won’t feel like baking anything in the morning. Maybe I’ll do pancakes…but that also involves using energy. Bleh! Eating well STINKS on days like this….when I didn’t plan ahead or prep anything and we don’t keep cereal in the house (except for Chex, so we can make the wholesome Puppy Chow!). 🙂



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