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Goals for the Day

1. Make crockpot burrito filling. Not on the menu plan but uses pretty much the same ingredients as the Rice and Beans I had planned.

2. Make a double batch of homemade whole wheat tortillas (these are so delicious. seriously, go make them.)

3. Whip up THIS chicken salad for lunch. Also, not on the menu plan but I have the ingredients…and it looks really yummy.

4. Make THIS french bread to go with the chicken salad for lunch.

5. Wash our master bedroom sheets.

6. Two other loads of laundry.

7. Clean bathrooms.

8. Dust and vacuum upstairs.

9. Inventory stockpile.

That’s not too much to do, right??? šŸ™‚ And it’s already 10AM….not a single one of those has been accomplished yet. Yikes! Better get that bread started!!

Have any huge plans or checklists today? Share them! Let’s be optimistic together!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! šŸ™‚


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