Menu Plan

Menu Plan

My menu is finally ready! Our plan was to grocery shop this morning, but the temperatures are pretty frigid (a “feels like” temp of NEGATIVE 8 DEGREES?! no thank you). I am trying to decide if I should just layer the kids and go or wait til it gets to the high of 20 degrees today. 🙂 Neither sounds tempting.


Cinnamon Roll Cake x 2

Coffee Cake x 2

Pancakes x 3

Waffles x 4

Oatmeal x 1

Baked Oatmeal x 2


Leftovers x 5

PB&J x 6

Noodles x 1

Quesadillas x 2


Smoked Sausage and Navy Bean Soup, rolls, salad

Chicken Tortilla Soup, avocado, veggies and dip

Ham with Honey Mustard Glaze, rolls, Salad, Applesauce (our NYE dinner. YUM!)

Creamy Tomato Soup, Salad, Biscuits

Brunswick-ish Stew, bread, applesauce

Chicken Broccoli Casserole, Veggies and dip

Ham, Potato, Corn Chowder, biscuits, salad

Pizza x 2

Broccoli Potato Casserole, Salad

Cheese Enchiladas, Beans, Corn

Dominican Rice and Beans, Salad

Creamy Potato Soup, biscuits, salad

Bean and Barley Soup, breadsticks, Applesauce

Creamy Veggie Bake, Applesauce

Homemade to Make

Cookies (peanut butter, most likely)

Brownies (Double Chocolate Chip!)

Bread (two batches that make 2 loaves each)



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