Bake It Tuesday

Two things I love about cold weather: the potential for snow and baking!

Since there will probably not be any snow soon, I will have to just enjoy the baking. 🙂 This week, I have a lot of goals with baking items…so, we’ll see what I actually get accomplished. Between the chaos of not being on our regular school schedule and having to pack up all the Christmas decorations, I am unsure how much baking I will get done. BUT, I have big goals!

One things I love to bake are Double Chocolate Brownies. They are SO delicious! In order to make them last more than one snack time :), I double the recipe and bake them in a 9×13 pan. I also sprinkle powdered sugar on top after they bake. I do not cut them into shapes like the recipe mentions. We enjoy just the plain old square/rectangle servings.

Yes, these brownies are extremely sugary and chocolatey. No, I don’t care. My big thing is that if it is homemade (from scratch, no cookie mix packages or boxes)….I am fine with the sugar in them.

Are you making anything chocolatey and yummy this week?? Please share!!


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