Recipe: Homemade Yogurt

I posted before about my experimentation with homemade yogurt. I used the recipe from Money Saving Mom’s Crockpot Yogurt. The first time I made the yogurt, it was pretty runny. We used most of it for smoothies. I had used raw milk but had skimmed a lot of the cream off for making butter, so there wasn’t a lot of fat left in the milk for the yogurt. I guess fat is important! 🙂 And I had used regular yogurt from the store as my starter (not greek and not organic). My crockpot is large, and I felt like the 3 hours of cooling actually left my milk too cool when I mixed in the starter. So, the incubation time overnight really didn’t work.

I decided to try it again this past weekend….with several changes.

The milk was FULL fat raw milk. I have my opinion on the raw milk and really feel like to get the best yogurt, you should use raw milk. It has the most vitamins and protein and if you’re going to make your yogurt….why not get the most out of it?

I poured a half-gallon into the large crockpot and set it to LOW for 2 hours, setting the timer to remind myself! After two hours, I turned it off and let it cool for ONLY 1 1/2 hours. The milk was still very warm to the touch at that point. I then removed about 1 cup of the heated milk added in 2 tablespoons of store-bought organic plain greek yogurt. I figured if I am using the raw milk, it would be silly to add in non-organic yogurt full of additives.

I stirred the milk/yogurt mixture back into the milk in the crockpot, put the lid on and wrapped the whole thing with 2 beach towels and 3 kitchen towels. I really wanted that sucker wrapped well! I left it from 8:30pm to about 6:30am.

The result??? AMAZINGLY thick yogurt! It smelled so good! It was much thicker this time when I opened the crockpot lid. To thicken it even more, I strained it right then (saving the whey this time!!) before scooping into glass jars and refrigerating. After refrigerating for a few hours, I took it out and it was even thicker! We made some yummy smoothies yesterday with it and frozen fruit and honey…to help fight the sickness we have here.

I would definitely recommend trying the crockpot yogurt! It was very easy and it is very delicious. I don’t really like plain yogurt’s flavor, but I must say….it is pretty dang tasty this way! 🙂


1/2 gallon raw whole milk

2 TBSP organic greek yogurt (plain)

1. Pour milk into crockpot and heat on LOW for 2 hours.

2. Turn off crockpot and unplug. Let sit/cool for 1.5 hours.

3. Take out 1 cup of the milk from crockpot and add in the greek yogurt starter. Stir well to combine.

4. Pour milk/yogurt mix back into crockpot and stir with a wooden spoon to incorporate well.

5. Put lid back on and wrap the entire crockpot with towels and let sit 8-12 hours (overnight works because then you aren’t tempted to peek!).

Check yogurt after 8-12 hours. Strain, if desired, for thicker yogurt. Save the whey strained for smoothies, baking, or Ricotta!! Place yogurt into glass jars and refrigerated at least two hours.



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