Menu Plan

Menu Plan Check-In

So glad we menu plan!! Last week, my oldest complained again of pain when she yawned (as she did two weeks ago but ended up being negative for Strep). I took her in on Wednesday and she was positive for Strep. 😦 New antibiotics for a longer period of time – different kind that seem to be easier on her tummy, thankfully! Unexpected doctor appointments with five children leads to me being flustered and the day just being screwed up! I was very happy to have a menu plan to look at and find an easy, quick dish to make that night for dinner.

THEN, yesterday morning, Lily felt a little warm before church. She sat with me in the service and when we got home, she had a slight fever. Went about our day as usual, for a Sunday, but then Buddy woke up from naps with a slight fever too. Lily’s ever was up to 101, also. We decided to stay home from AWANA last night, which really stunk because it was the Christmas program for  Buddy. And we had a bunch of things to give people! Arthur was working, so I was on my own. I decided to go ahead and drop off Iris for choir practice, and she delivered everything to everyone….and we were able to get our honey from the family at church we buy from!! We were almost completely out, so the honey was definitely needed!

Anyway, it is times like those that it is VERY helpful to have a menu plan. Especially with children, illness can really mess up the “norm” in a home. Menu plans give me a little of my sanity back. 🙂

Now, I may have to adjust some of our dishes with eggs. Our normal egg lady informed me she has had some problems with eggs freezing overnight, so we were only able to purchase two dozen from her, instead of our normal 4 dozen (for a two-week period). Hoping she texts me today to say her egg count is back up! If not, we may do more oatmeal for breakfasts, so I don’t have to purchase store eggs.

(Have you ever had a farm fresh egg?? It is so incredibly delicious! So much more tasty than store-bought ones…that have been sitting there for who knows how long!)

Did you menu plan for this week? What do your selections look like? It is a one week plan? Two-Week plan? Longer? Please feel free to share!!


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