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Recipe: Paleo Mayo

I know I posted about Homemade Mayo before, but it is so good it’s worth sharing again!

The Paleo “diet” is popular these days. I put the word DIET in quotations because I, personally, think the Paleo way of eating is more of a lifestyle and not just certain foods. I have two awesome Paleo cookbooks:

Practical Paleo


Everyday Paleo.

And I LOVE them! My mom gave me both for Christmas a year or two ago. Great books with LOTS of information on why we should eat certain foods and then a ton of recipes on how to incorporate them into breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Practical Paleo book offers meal plans for folks with different medical conditions and stresses what foods to consume to help with symptoms. Great resources for those looking to get more of a certain food into their diet and for folks just looking to eat better all around. I use my books at least once a week for certain recipes. We don’t follow the Paleo diet entirely, as we substitute beans for meat often and eat grains and carbs, but it is a very useful reference and recipe book!

I had gone back to purchasing mayonnaise at the store, even though I knew it was full of things we didn’t need to eat. About a month ago, I decided to whip up some Paleo mayo, and we are happy I did. 🙂 It really is delicious, and we love the Paleo ranch you can make from it! Sure, it’s more work in the kitchen then simply unscrewing a mayo lid or opening the flip-top of the ranch bottle. It takes some thought and time and preparation to get it mixed together ahead of time. BUT, it really does taste so good. And I don’t feel bad if we eat a lot of it….because it is full of great ingredients.

It isn’t difficult to make at all. One thing I would make note of…I would encourage you to do is POUR THE OLIVE OIL VERY SLOWLY when first mixing it in. I had my first mishap about two weeks ago, when I tried to rush the emulsion process. I poured the oil in too quickly and it didn’t set up correctly. So, I wasted the oil, had to dump it and start over.

Another thing (for the ranch): Use the canned coconut milk and not any of the refrigerated or aseptic containers. The canned coconut milk is thicker and has the texture and flavor that suits the ranch better than the drinkable kind. I learned that the same week I screwed up the oil and emulsion. You live and learn.

The ranch recipe in my Homemade Mayo post is not the one we currently use. I found the recipe from PaleoGrubs to be tastier. It is similar but different.

Do you follow the Paleo diet? Do you incorporate any of the Paleo ideas into your meals? Have you tried the Paleo mayo or ranch??



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