Menu Plan

Menu Plan: December 1 – 14

Wow!! I cannot believe it is December already! (I think I said that about every month this year, though. Ha!) We are getting into the busy-ness of the end of the year….with Christmas programs at church, Christmas presents to buy/make, winterizing around the house (stocking up on items in case of crazy snow, purchasing extra of certain things we cannot do without…. toilet paper, for one!), doing an end-of-year inventory on our stockpile in the basement. I am pretty sure we have several items we need to rotate out and use up; I kind of fell behind on that the past two or three months.

These next two weeks should be pretty quiet before the REALLY busy two weeks before/during Christmas. So, I did a simple menu for us with nothing new to try. Just sticking to some oldies-but-goodies. 🙂


Eggs x 2

Cereal (yes, I am buying cereal this week! yikes!) x 2

Waffles (store-bought also) x 2

Pancakes x 2

Coffee Cake x 2

Cinnamon Rolls x 2

Toast or Oatmeal x 2


Leftovers x 5

PB&J x 4

Taquitos x 1

Cheese tacos (yes, just some cheese on a tortilla heated in the microwave…my kids love this.) x 2

Buttered Noodles x 2


Texas Hash, green beans, applesauce

Pasta Bake (meatless), breadsticks, salad

Creamy Potato Soup (meatless), biscuits, salad

Chicken Noodle Soup, Rolls, Applesauce

Pizza, chips and guacamole, fruit x 2 (meatless)

BLT’s, Mac and Cheese, Salad

Broccoli Mashed Potato Casserole (meatless)

Bean & Barley Chili (meatless), rolls

Ham & Bean Soup, cornbread, veggies and ranch

Glazed Ham, Carrots, Green beans

Hash Brown Casserole (meatless), salad

Bean and Cheese Burritos (meatless), Mexican Rice, Veggies and ranch

Chicken and Mozzarella Risotto


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