Bake It Tuesday

Today I have a couple of things to bake for our week.

Bread – making this by hand with THIS recipe. This should help get us to the weekend or even through Sunday, depending on how much everyone is craving bread. 🙂

Cookies – of course! We eat homemade desserts often. I will probably make peanut butter chocolate chips cookies, using coconut oil instead of butter. That helps save our butter for the delicious bread!!

Muffins – banana chocolate chip and maybe apple cinnamon. Muffins are awesome for quick breakfasts…if you make them ahead of time. I will probably make more than a dozen of each because with 7 people (all of whom eat at least 2 muffins in a meal) they don’t last long!

I am tempted to make a pumpkin pie just because it is Thanksgiving this week, but I know there will be LOTS of yummy goodies at my mom’s on Thursday. Seriously, we have some really great bakers in our family. Thankfully, my two married brothers have wives that are awesome bakers! So, we are looking forward to eating later this week. haha!



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