School Successes

My last post about homeschool was about the struggle we have with math. Today, I wanted to share a success we are having!!


That was our last Spelling list in cursive. Yes, those are super easy words to spell. I was mostly just focusing on the handwriting portion of them (and actually my girls often misspell a few of those words when they are rushing through their work!). I needed words with “e” connecting and some uppercase letters for practice. And the girls are writing them beautifully! They are doing so well with reading the cursive handwriting, too. I was impressed with how well they read it; I always thought reading it was harder than writing it…especially since everyone has their own little differences in how they write the letters.

And please don’t judge my handwriting in that picture. 🙂 I know I write cursive like a child when I do it on the chalkboard. Haha!

I am so proud of Iris and Lily for their pretty writing. I do laugh, though, because they rush through printing and it is atrocious! Yet, they can somehow have beautiful cursive writing?! Silly girls.


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