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Organized Home: Assigning Tasks to Days…and People

Last Thursday, I gave some ideas for getting together a huge list of the tasks you need done around your home. Today I want to share a bit of how I assign tasks to different days. AND how I try to assign tasks to different people in my house. I emphasize TRY because I have not yet found the magical step that actually gets these certain people to complete their tasks regularly…without my constant nagging or yelling! 🙂

Ok, so I know that every Thursday we have a physical therapy appointment from 10-11AM. Every Tuesday evening my husband has a church commitment. Every Wednesday evening is Iris’ kids’ program at church. And Sundays…they are just out of the whole equation of housework.

What I like to do is break down the items for different rooms or areas of the house. For example, vacuuming: I don’t vacuum upstairs, downstairs and the staircase all on the same day. It would be too much for me. So, I break it down into Vacuum Kid Rooms, Vacuum Master Bedroom and Loft, Vacuum Downstairs, and Vacuum Stairs.

Here is how my Monday to Friday looks:


Wash kids’ sheets (because the night before they run around at church and don’t get baths when they get home. I know, we’re gross.)

Dust kid rooms – Assigned to Iris, Lily, Addy, and Buddy


Change Hand Towels in Bathrooms

Collect garbage for Garbage Day – Assigned to Iris and Lily


Wash Master Bedroom Sheets (because my husband has a later evening on Tuesdays, this gives me extra time to get the sheets back on the bed…in case our day gets crazy!)

Dust Master Bedroom

Vacuum Master Bedroom

Quick Clean toilets, sinks and mirrors


Check toilet paper supply in bathrooms – Assigned to Addy

Sweep kitchen floor

Wipe down kitchen appliances, inside microwave, and stove top

(this is a light day because we have to have an early dinner to get Iris to her church program by 5:15PM)


Change hand towels in bathrooms

Clean Showers and toilets, sinks and mirrors

Vacuum stairs


Wash kitchen floor

Dust Downstairs (living and family rooms)

Vacuum Downstairs


Laundry, if needed

Do any tasks I didn’t get done on the weekdays 🙂

Wipe down toilets, sinks and mirrors

Ok, so this is my IDEAL list of tasks. Of course, I also have the daily tasks of:


Empty/Load/Run Dishwasher

Kitchen Cleanup and Wipe Counters

My goal is to get the whole house cleaned well, over a period of 5-6 days. I used to cram all the cleaning into one day and would be so frustrated if that day turned into chaos or we ended up not even being home! So, I set out to spread the tasks across 5 weekdays and a very little bit on Saturday.

Am I consistent with this?

Absolutely NOT!

Am I trying to stay on top of it?

Of course!

This series of posts is to help ME stay on top of the tasks and chores, so I don’t become overwhelmed. It is also meant to be an encouragement for those of you that are already overwhelmed, to maybe find a starting point and get back on track with your housework. It doesn’t HAVE to be frustrating. It isn’t meant to be aggravating. Housework is just that…work. But if we can find a way to organize it and take care of it responsibly, we can stay on top of the work and keep from being overwhelmed. So we can enjoy our families!

I have no idea if my posts make sense or are sequential, but I love feedback. So please share if you are enjoying this or hate this or have anything extra to add!! Again, I am still working on consistency and finding my rhythm with the housework. I think posting it here gives me some accountability (especially if any of you come to my house regularly…yikes!). And I want to be an encouragement, not an annoyance. Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts or ideas! Thanks!







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