Menu Plan

Menu Plan: November 15-30

This two-week menu will cover Thanksgiving weekend, so I am actually working out 17 dinners until I shop again. My “normal” next grocery trip would fall on Black Friday…but there is NO way I would go grocery shopping on that day! Ha! So, I am stretching meals until the following Monday. We’ll see how this goes…


Pancakes x 2

Oatmeal x 3

Coffee Cake x 2

Cinnamon Rolls x 2

Cereal x 2

Eggs x 3

Waffles x 3


Leftovers x 6 (feeling hopeful!)

PB&J x 3

Quesadillas x 2

Thanksgiving 🙂

Noodles x 2

Egg Salad x 2


Ham and Navy Bean Soup, Cornbread, applesauce

Chicken Soup, tortilla strips, salad

Roast Ham with Tangy Mustard Glaze, potatoes, green beans

Beef and Barley Stew, breadsticks, applesauce

Potato Pizza Pie

Chicken and Dumplings, homemade rolls, salad

Sweet Beans and Lentils over Polenta, applesauce

Lentil Burritos, corn, applesauce

Bean and Barley Chili, cornbread, salad

Thanksgiving 🙂

Leftovers (probably the day after Thanksgiving!)

Texas Hash, green beans, carrot sticks

Pizza x 2

Broccoli-Topped Potatoes, homemade bread and butter, Corn

Creamy Veggie Bake, Applesauce

Wings (having company!), chips and guacamole, veggies and homemade ranch dip, grapes

Hoping we really stick to this plan, since there a lot of days until we shop again!! 🙂


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