Organized Home: Contemplating a Master Plan

Welcome back for the first official post for Organized Home! I am super excited to share some ideas to help us all get (and STAY!) organized at home. For the first discussion, I just want to help organized our ideas about an organized home.

1. You can ask yourself a few questions and write your answers, so you have a clear picture of WHAT you want organized.

  • What things around the home are you wanting organized? (Cleaning, homeschool, cooking/baking, home maintenance, kid chores, etc.)
  • In the specific category/categories you listed, what individual items do you need to include? (Be as detailed or extensive as necessary to include ALL that you do or need to do. For example, under Cleaning, I would list: Vacuum, Dust, Laundry, Bathtubs, toilets and sinks, kitchen floor, and so on.)
  • How many days a week do you want to designate tasks to? (Every day, nothing on Sundays or other days you are full of appointments, only mornings, only evenings, or something different)
  • Who will be participating in the routine you create? (Just you, you and spouse, you and children)

Those are great starting points to list out every single task that gets done, or needs to get done, around your home. For those that home school, you can be specific about what times you will NOT be able to clean or bake because you are focused on studies. If you work, be realistic about the times/days you can or want to designate to keeping up with housework. Don’t burden yourself with planning to spend every evening cleaning! For me, I try not to plan anything for Sundays. We are so busy with church, both in the morning and evening, that we like to just relax in the afternoon at home. If I am cleaning during that time, I would wear myself out completely!

It is important to write these answers and lists down. If you are like me at all, it doesn’t really exist unless it is written. Call it Mom Brain or whatever, I just cannot keep track of every list I start mentally or every reminder I make in my head. It must be written down to be remembered!

If your spouse or children are involved in keeping your home clean and organized, feel free to include them in this process. For kids, it is a good writing exercise. 🙂 For husbands…well, they might not enjoy it, but if they are willing to help with the lists then they may be able to think of a task you have forgotten or vice versa. My husband is busy during the week, so the organization falls mostly on me. And I am totally fine with that because I tend to be a control freak about housework anyhow!

2. Once you have your detailed list of tasks to get done, go through and mark which ones are Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, or Every Once in a While.

At my house, the dishwasher gets loaded and unloaded daily. The sheets get changed weekly. I grocery shop bi-weekly. We give the dog his heartworm pill monthly. And we clean the fish tank every once in a while (although, that should probably be monthly but my expectations are low on that one!).

Think through each item and BE REALISTIC! Don’t try to change something to a more frequent time just because you’re making this list. If you change sheets bi-weekly and that works for you, don’t change it to weekly just because you think you should. Be reasonable. If you don’t run your dishwasher every day, don’t put it under Daily.

Here is a brief (not thorough) list of what my Daily, Weekly, Monthly looks like:


Make beds

Unload/load dishwasher

Do a load of laundry

Prep for dinner

School work with girls

Wipe down kitchen counters

Fill dog’s food and water

Every Other Day –

Vacuum downstairs

Vacuum upstairs

Clean toilets, sinks and mirrors


Change sheets

Bath tubs

Wipe down kitchen appliances

Empty all trash cans

Dust bedrooms

Dust downstairs


Give Jack heartworm pill

If you are stumped on what exactly you should list for every day tasks, HERE is an example of one gal’s daily cleaning. She is very detailed on what she cleans or keeps up with daily in each room of her home. If you need that much detail, go for it! If you work well with just listing the more general thing for each room, like mine, do that. Whatever will help you know exactly what you should clean and how often!

A few other ideas for daily/weekly tasks are:

Money Saving Mom’s Household Management Forms

FlyLady’s Flight Plan – this is a one day list of things FlyLady plans to do. I LOVE FlyLady, but since starting homeschooling I have found her cleaning plan to not work as well with our schedule. BUT, she has awesome, detailed plans to get every part of your home clean every week. And her site is super encouraging, too!

Clean Mama’s cleaning lists

Next week, we will go through assigning tasks to certain days to keep from being overwhelmed with cleaning the whole house in one day! I enjoy doing a little each day because it makes me feel like I’m not really cleaning at all! 🙂


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