School Struggles

I absolutely ABHOR admitting things I feel are my failures. If you ask anyone in my family, they are very aware of this already. I don’t like to admit I cannot do everything perfectly.

This is most evident when it comes to homeschooling.

I did not meet a lot of resistance when we announced we would school the girls at home, but I felt pressure to show everyone that my kids are just as smart as “regular” school kids. I put a weird pressure on myself to go above and beyond regular curriculum to force my kids to succeed. I already know, though, that I have failed.

My girls are smart. They are logical yet fanciful. They are inquisitive. They are outgoing. Each one does amazing with reading skills…..AMAZING! I could not be more proud of how well Iris and Lily read. Iris has come a long way from disliking having to read anything. She reads for pleasure, even some books well above her grade level. Lily reads anything and everything, several times over. She checks out 4 or 5 books from the library each week because she can finish a book (of decent size!) in a day. She just loves to read. And I am so glad.

My failure has come in the area of math. And it mostly pertains to Iris. She does not know her addition, subtraction or multiplication facts.

I know. It is bad. And I have not admitted to anyone ever.

I have tried several times to just go over and over them. We practiced with flashcards. We practiced with a chart. It just doesn’t come quickly to her. And it may be my fault because I pushed and pushed and then I quit on her. I told myself she just doesn’t do well in math. That it wasn’t her strong suit. BUT….then I noticed she was a whiz with subtracting three-digit numbers like 437 minus 189. She can write out those like no one’s business!

So, I failed her with the math facts. She doesn’t have them memorized. She may never actually have them memorized. Whether or not that is just plain awful…I am not sure.

I do hope someday she decides to sit and find a way for it to stick in her brain. And without forcing her to sit and read the flashcards over and over, I am working on a few other ideas for her memorization.

First, she signed up (willingly) for Bible Quizzing at church. She had her first meeting this past week. Bible Quizzing will require that she memorize hundreds of verses word-for-word and recite them perfectly. I am PRAYING this helps her with memorization skills. Of course, I am praying most that she hide these verses in her heart and apply them to her life. But second in my prayer list is her memorization capabilities. 🙂

Second, I will be having her write out the math facts. She isn’t a huge fan of writing, but I found she does have beautiful print when she applies herself. I am hopeful she will apply herself fully when writing the facts…and that they will sink into her mind as she goes.

Third….I don’t have a third idea yet, BUT I am going to keep searching. Sadly, I feel like my embarrassment over this issue is more important than the fact that she doesn’t have them memorized. And I know that is wrong. I should be most concerned about her education and least concerned about how I look.

So….does anyone have any ideas for helping her learn these math facts for good?! I know she is capable of memorizing…she learns songs for choir and from the radio. I think the math facts just aren’t interesting or important to her, so her brain just is not absorbing them. Please help!


3 thoughts on “School Struggles

  1. Perhaps the reason she lacks interest in arithmetic is because she doesn’t see the correlation to everyday life? (Just my humble thoughts.) I wonder if she would better grasp the concept if she were made responsible for household jobs which require math skills?

    •When you are planning out your grocery budget she could help add up your estimated amount and then subtract it from your monthly budget.
    •She could help plan out your Christmas menus with budgeting taken into account and even presents which need to be bought. (Counting out the amount of gifts, the estimated costs, and more.)
    •Watching School House Rock is always fun!

    She’ll get it in her own time; don’t worry! 🙂

    1. Thank you! Those sound like great ideas. I will definitely try them. I appreciate the input. You may be right…I don’t really discuss any practical readons for math, so she might see it more as an elective than a core subject. Thanks again!!

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