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Organized Home

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If you have followed my blog for any length of time, you know that I have started (and stopped!) several topics or themes. Life always picks up and gets crazy or I simply forget and never go back to those themed posts! I have somehow been able to maintain Menu Plans on Mondays and Recipes on Wednesdays. I am on and off with the Bake It Tuesdays. BUT, I would like to add a post theme of “Organized Home” on Thursdays.


Because the more moms I talk to, the more I hear that staying on top of household things is hard, they don’t have time, or people just don’t know where to start. Well, I happen to be the BEST organizer of the home EVER…..NOT! 🙂 I do strive to stay organized in the home, though, because I feel absolutely overwhelmed caring for everyone and keeping the home clean without an organized, detailed, possibly-kinda-obsessive plan. This series of posts is just my opinion of how to create a plan and then actually use it. (I am also the BEST organizer who thinks up a bunch of organizational plans and then never implements them!) If I were as cool and organized as other blogging moms, I might have some printables for you; however, I am not that advanced, so I will link to my favorites for you to print and use how you see fit.

Today is just the introduction and a rough outline of the steps/topics in Home Organization I’d like to cover. Please keep in mind that I do a lot of foods from scratch, so there will be several steps that include organizing time to allow for foods to be prepped and made. Feel free to skip any of those that don’t apply to your home.

Here are the post titles/ideas I hope to cover (and more may be added as we go, if I realize that my organizational skills failed me and I actually left steps out):

1. Contemplating a Master Plan

2. Finding and Using Printables – Cleaning

3. Finding and Using Printables – Menu Plan

4. Assigning Items to Each Day

5. Working Around Distractions, Crabby Kids (or Mom), and Failures

6. Staying Consistent to Create a Habit

7. Tips for Around the House

Those aren’t necessarily in the exact order I will post them, but it gives you an idea. If you have a suggestion for an additional topic or a change in the ones I listed, PLEASE feel free to comment or email me ( I am so willing to add things or move things around to post what will be most helpful for you!!

So be ready! Next Thursday is go time! Which means I have one week to get my act together here and be the perfect example of all things organization!! 🙂



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