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Catching Up and Falling Behind

The last week has felt like a controlled chaos around here! My husband took off a few days around his regular time off and ended up with seven full days t home!

Don’t get me wrong…I love having him here. To fight the whininess at 4pm, to battle the bath times, to help feed the starving kids in the morning, and so on. BUT my obsessive cleaning has to halt while we spend our time together. I feel like nothing gets cleaned while he is home. We work around a crazy schedule of his regularly, so his days off get dumped on with everything we want to get done with him home- movie nights, playing outside, going to the museum. And on top of all that stuf, he ran the Chicago Marathon his past Sunday!

So, my cleaning schedule, my blog, my menu plan posting…it all takes a back seat. And it is ok. I will catch up once he is back to work.

For now, on his last day home, I will enjoy the mess and the moments with him!


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