Recipe: Apple Cake

I love Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures! I don’t remember how I first heard of or came across her site, but I have used so many of her recipes. They are all amazing! She has such a huge selection, and she has a TON of gluten-free versions too…for those in need of gluten-free foods!

So, I received her daily email last week, which included an Apple Cake recipe. I tried it and LOVED it!

You need to go make this cake…NOW. It is delicious as a dessert or breakfast food or snack after you put the kids to bed (I don’t know who would do that…).

Here it is: Apple Cake. Click on it. Make it. Eat it.



4 thoughts on “Recipe: Apple Cake

    1. Go for it! ๐Ÿ™‚ i like trying different ingredients. We aren’t pistachio lovers but i thought about adding walnuts next time for some crunch.

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