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Clean Countertops, Clean Mind

OK, so maybe having clean counter tops doesn’t cleanse the mind….but it sure does refresh my soul! 🙂 I used to have amazingly clean counter tops – appliances, dishes, and random papers were ALL in their proper place and NOT on the counter top. I loved it! It was so much easier at night to wipe the counters down and feel like the kitchen was clean at the end of the day.

Then life got busy, and I decided certain things should stay out to have better access to them. A basket as a catch-all for pens, tape dispensers, scraps of paper, gift cards, receipts, scissors, and a bunch of other crap(!) sat right at the edge of the counters, ready to receive all the little things I didn’t feel like sorting or putting away each day. My salt and pepper shakers….that I never actually used…were set out to look pretty. Of course, I had them sitting nowhere near the stove, so that set never got used while I was cooking! A trivet with a candle, that we rarely lit, on the island….and little hands messed with often. I thought I was setting out things I really needed while working in the kitchen, but most of them just collected dust or got little ones into trouble when they messed with them.

This past week, I read a post about clean counters. The lady’s counters looked so neat and clean. It looked like so peaceful. 🙂 So, I decided to scale back on what I kept out and really thought about the items I needed out. Here is what was left on the counter tops:

photo 1

I have the coffeemaker on the left edge. In back corner, I have a paper towel holder, one Halloween candy dish, and our butter dish. Then on the small counter next to the fridge I have a pedestal, since we often have baked goods around.

And that is it!! It looks so clean now, and I love that wiping down the counter tops after dinner is so quick! No more moving objects to clean under or behind.

And maybe I’m too obsessed with cleanliness (is there such a thing, really?! one can never be TOO clean…right??), but this new arrangement is working fabulously so far. I have much more room when I bake and cook. Yes, it takes a few more seconds to be sure things are put away after I work in the kitchen, but it is one less room I have to look at and think about how messy it is!!

Anyone else keep empty (or nearly empty) counter tops? Care to share what made the coveted spot on the counters in your home?! 🙂


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