Menu Plan

Menu Plan

I had to finish up a few things early this morning for shopping, so my menu plan was not ready until today. I shopped for two weeks of meals again, and this time I will post all 14 meals! 🙂


Oatmeal muffins x 2
Cinnamon Rolls x 2
Baked oatmeal x 2
Eggs (fried or scrambled) x 3
Waffles x 3
Egg and bacon hash x 1
Pancakes x 1


Pb&j x 4
Leftovers x 6
Buttered noodles x 1
Egg salad x 2
Grilled cheese x 1


Zucchini meatballs
English muffin pizzas (meatless)
Frozen pizza
Potato, egg and cheese tacos (meatless)
Roasted maple mustard chicken
Chicken and spinach enchiladas x 2
Twice baked potatoes (meatless)
Chicken and stuffing skillet dinner
Slow cooker bbq chicken and potatoes
Slow cooker chicken tortilla soup
Spanish rice skillet
Broccoli chicken casserole
Southwest rice pilaf (meatless)

So there you are. 🙂 I worked in four meatless dinners, too!

Phew! Busy day of shopping….think frozen pizza will be tonight’s dinner!! Haha!


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