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Wednesday?!? Already??

This week is flying by! We have been busy with school – researching and building model homes from different countries, learning new math games, working A LOT on penmanship. Then I tried to fit in a bunch if other things – groceries for two weeks of meals (never tried that), new park to play at, multiple library trips.

I will have up my menu plan today. We will see how the two week planning goes. Our weekly plans can change suddenly around here, but I am hoping two week planning helps with my shopping while I have all the kids. It is becoming very chaotic, and fewer trips will hopefully help that.

My baking plan isn’t very together. I just finished cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

I do plan to make more granola bars, trail mix, and brownies or cookies at some point. 🙂

Now, time to go eat! That crazy alien-looking cinnamon roll in the left pan is calling me!! 🙂


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