Menu Plan

Menu Plan Monday

I am WAY more organized with meals and my To Do list for this week, so I made a fancier menu than we’ve been having lately. 🙂 Figured we deserved to try some new foods, since I made more ahead of time for this week. On Friday, I went grocery shopping and did some baking (since I didn’t bake last Tuesday). Then, I planned out our meals through the 15th, since that is payday. Yesterday, I had some down time and set two crockpots and the stove to work! I was able to make and freeze/refrigerate the meats for all of our meals this week, except the Ranchero Chicken. But that will be an easy crockpot one, so I am not too worried. I was also able to plan out some better breakfast options!


Creamy eggs, bacon, fruit

Coffee cake, fruit x 2

Potato and egg tacos, fruit

Waffles or Cereal

Banana bread (waffles for hubby), yogurt, fruit

Pancakes, fruit

Eggs (fried or runny), fruit



Leftovers x 3

PB & J sandwich x 2

PB&J bites

Egg salad sandwiches



Slow Cooker Chicken Parmesan

Meatballs, Rice, Green beans

Pasta Frittata (page 17 of the Whole Foods pdf link), Salad

Lawnmower Tacos, Refried beans, Corn

Homemade pizzas, raw veggies

Ranchero Chicken, Carrots

Chicken Salads, Homemade rolls


Hippie Chow

Honey Granola

Trail Mix (our honey granola mixed with chocolate chips, raisins, peanuts, whatever else we find to throw in)

Granola Bars

Double Chocolate Brownies (we make a double batch of what the recipe makes)

What’s your menu look like for this week? Are you trying anything new??


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